Avoid Cash App Sugar Daddy Scams asking Email in 2023 ✅

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Today, Let’s have a look at all the possible scenarios on how the scammer may try to scam victims all the while putting on the facade of a generous Sugar Daddy.

You can get scammed on Cash App Sugar Daddy Scam by sending fake funds via DM to the victim’s Cash App account. The most common is that after the funds are credited into your Cash App wallet, you need to transfer some of the money to a friend who is in need.

How does Cash App Sugar Daddy Scam Work: Step-By-Step

How does Cash App Sugar Daddy Scam Work

Here’s a step-by-step guide explaining how the sugar daddy scam works:

Total Time: 1 minute

Step 1: Finding Potential Victims

Scammers search Instagram using terms like “sugar daddy cash app” to find potential victims who might be interested in becoming sugar babies.

Step 2: Initiating Contact

The scammers contact the potential victims through direct messages on Instagram, complimenting their pictures and expressing interest in being their sugar daddy.

Step 3: Requesting Information

Once the victim agrees to be a sugar baby, the scammer asks for two pieces of information: the victim’s email and Cash App details.

Step 4: Fake Confirmation Email

Shortly after providing the requested information, the victim receives an email that appears to be from Cash App, confirming that they have received a certain amount of money from their sugar daddy.

Step 5: Clearance Fee Request

The email states that in order to access the money, the victim needs to pay a clearance fee. The fee amount can vary but is typically around $50 or $100.

Step 6: Fake Justification

The victim might question why they need to pay a fee when they were expecting to receive money. If they contact the scammer on Instagram, they are told that the money has already been sent, and the clearance fee is required to release the funds.

Step 7: Fake Cash App Email

Although the email appears legitimate, upon closer inspection, the sender’s email address is not from Cash App but is designed to look like one (e.g., service@cashappshop@gmail.com).

Step 8: Paying the Clearance Fee

If the victim falls for the scam, they send the requested clearance fee to the scammer’s provided payment details, believing it will unlock their promised sugar baby funds.

Step 9: Blocked and Loss of Money

Once the scammer receives the clearance fee, they block the victim, cutting off all contact. The victim loses the paid clearance fee and realizes they will never receive the promised funds.

The scammer posing as a sugar daddy will usually offer an allowance to the victims having them agree to one condition: the sugar baby has to do a favor first.

However, in reality, the funds never leave the scammer’s account and thus leaving the sugar baby to pay for their own money.

Sugar Daddy Cash App Scams/  Sugar Daddy Cash App Names

  1. $Mister Man
  2. $Papi Shampoo
  3. $Sailor
  4. $My Knight
  5. $Tight Butt
  6. $Graphic Sense
  7. $Scoobie
  8. $Sun Shine
  9. $Caretaker king
  10. $Venus
  11. $Wingman
  12. $Maresca
  13. $Nice Looker
  14. $Sara
  15. $Brat
  16. $Papa
  17. $Hat cave
  18. $Sparkling

Example Dialogue of How the Cash App Sugar Daddy/ Mommy Scam Works

The safest way to transfer money between Sugar Daddy and Sugar Babies is through third-party apps like Cash App as the transactions are instantaneous and cannot get a refund unless the other person sends it back.

The Sugar Baby knows about it and so does the scammer, hence they will try their best to avoid Payment apps and instead opt to go for Credit card payments which have many loopholes and ways to go around.

Here is a potential Scenario of how Cash App Sugar Daddy Scams may play out:

  1. Sugar Baby: Hey Daddy, could you pay my allowance on Cash App?
  2. Sugar Daddy: Sure. Can you send me your $Cashtag?
  3. Sugar Baby: Here it is $xxxxx

As mentioned above, scammer will try their absolute best to move away from payment apps that are usually secure and safe.

Sugar Daddy:

  1. Baby, unfortunately, my Cash App account has reached its limit for the month. Can I pay by another method?
  2. I have trouble sending the funds. However, I can add the money directly to your Cash wallet. I just need your Cash App login credentials to fund your account.

They will absolutely try anything to avoid you using Cash App because they are hard to be used for scams and try to use Gift Cards.

See the thing with Gift card is that, once it is redeemed, the scammer will block you and disappear along with the funds in your Cash App account as they are fraudulent and once they are figured out by the card owner, they will charge back leaving the victim losing money in the end.

sugar daddy cash app scams

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What is Cash App Nigerian Prince Scam?

Cash App Nigerian Prince Scam is an advance-fee scam where the scammer promises the victim huge shares of the money in facilitating the transfer of a sum of money, in return for a small up-front payment.

Of course, it is a scam and will drain your account dry.

Note that Cash App has no clearance fee of any sort.

Cash App transfers are available instantaneously and reverse the transaction later if there is a problem (stolen card to fund the Cash App transfer).

Can you Get Scammed on Cash App Sugar Daddy?

It is quite possible to get scammed on Cash app by scammers acting as Sugar Daddy. The scammers are offering to become their sugar daddy and trying to scam you by trying to convince you that they are going to pay your bills.

The scammer will then pose as a sugar daddy on social sites claiming to pay off their bills and buy expensive goods.

cash app sugar daddy scams

2nd Scenario of Cash App Sugar Daddy Scam

Another scenario of how the Cash App Sugar Daddy Scam works: The scammer finds their victim looking for a sugar daddy and gives time to nurture a relationship. After some trust is built, the scammer will ask to pay off your credit card balance.

Too often, the victim usually agrees and asked for the victim’s credit card account credentials information and will then add some funds into the victim’s account from fraudulent accounts, appearing to have paid off the credit card debt for the time being.

After the initial step, the scammer will ask you to purchase gift cards (any gift card will do such as – Apple iTunes cards, Google Play cards, Walmart, or Target Gift cards) which are redeemable remotely.

In most cases, the victim will accept and buy the cards and send the Gift Card codes to the scammer – still posing as a Sugar Daddy. (i mean you have to remember that someone just paid off their credit card debt).

If they fail to comply and do not buy the Gift card – send them the codes, they are usually threatened with blackmail.

This is where things take turn for the worse, the account that is used to pay off your credit card debt is fraudulent, and once the credit card company figures it out and catches on, the deposited funds and paid debt will disappear from your bank account, leaving you on the lost with the newly purchased gift cards entirely up to the victim balance.

According to the Business Insider investigation, they found that the scammers posing as sugar daddies were targetting and quick to exploit people’s isolation and financial vulnerability during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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can you get scammed on cash app sugar daddy

Sugar Daddy Check Scam

These Cash App Sugar Daddy scams or scam, in general, seems legitimate at the initial glance because there are actually tons of legitimate sugar daddies out there looking for a “sugar baby” to spoil.

If your new sugar Daddy sends you a fat check, that doesn’t mean she’s fake but that also doesn’t guarantee it is legit. A counterfeit check could land you in trouble.

Don’t get me wrong, maybe you are lucky and met a generous Sugar Daddy. Nonetheless, you need to be careful as even if you cash and check successfully, banks have the authority to recover those funds if they are found to be fraudulent.

Whenever a platform rises in the user base that has some ability to transfer money online, there’s always a rise in the number of scammers trying to take advantage of novice users.

So, it’s no surprise with the recent spike in Cash App sugar daddy scams that could leave you in greater financial hardship and miserable.

The scammers are registering to be ‘sugar daddies’ with more novice and financially vulnerable users being lured to signing up as ‘sugar babies.’

Cash App comes as a perfect intermediary for payments between the two parties with the fake Cash App sugar daddies preying on the vulnerable through a timeless con known as advance-fee fraud or commonly known as the ‘Nigerian prince’ scam.

More Cash App Scam Types

Final Thoughts:

The Sugar Baby or the victim is ordered to send a gift card to her “sugar daddy” for appreciation’s sake.

Even if someone is offering you free money and claim to want nothing from you with no strings attached, you should still be skeptical and aware of it.

You just have to use some common sense. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is, and Never give out your personal, credit card, or bank information to unknown people.

Just remember that nothing is ever free and be careful, practice safety precautions.

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