Cash App Money Flip Scam Real or Fake Proof Screenshots ✅

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Wanna turn $100 into $5,000 with very little effort?

Of course, who wouldn’t want to?

Scammers and fraudsters are taking advantage of the get-rich-quick dreams by promoting the “Cash App money flipping” scams on social media.

Cash App Money Flip is a scam when someone sends you a text claiming to be able to flip and increase your Money from $50 to $500 through some tool for a fee and you will get double the amount sent back to you; aka money flipping.

Scammers are looking to piggyback on the #CashAppFriday on Twitter and scamming between $10 to even $1,000 from each fallen victim to their scams.

How Does Cash App Flip Work: Step-By-Step

How Does Cash App Flip Work

Step-by-Step Guide to Flip Cash App Scams:

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step 1: Initial Small Transaction

Scammers request victims to send a small sum of money, such as $10 or $20, through Cash App.

Step 2: Gaining Trust

Scammers aim to build trust by fulfilling their promise of sending back a larger amount.

Step 3: Incremental Increase in Amounts

1. Gradual Escalation: After the initial transaction, scammers ask victims to send larger amounts, such as $50 or $100.
2. Establishing Confidence: By returning double the amount, scammers further build trust with victims.

Step 4: Request for Substantial Sum

1. Higher Stakes: Once trust is established, scammers ask victims to send a significantly larger amount, such as $500 or $5,000.
2. Exploiting Greed: Victims are lured by the prospect of receiving even greater returns on their investments.

Step 5: Block and Disappear

After victims send a substantial sum, scammers block them and cease all communication. They disappear with the victims’ money, leaving them with no way to recover the funds.

They rope consumers into the scheme by posting on social media that they “flipped” a few tens of dollars into hundreds and Thousands.

Flip money is when you put your money into a box under the impression that you’ll get more than you originally put in. The Cash App money flipping scam differs and varies from scammer to scammer on how they sell you to pay them.

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Are Cash App Flips Real?

No, Cash App Flip Methods are not real and scammers target vulnerable users with get-rich-quick by promoting the scam. Money and Cash flipping is not a real thing; you risk losing your money instead of earning. Cash App Flip Scam is also illegal.

They usually claim to have inside information or have a connection to Cash App representatives to carry out the task.

Cash App Flips Message

Cash App flips Messages usually read something like: “Hey would you like to receive $250?” and they are usually followed up by “My goal is to help those in need of emergency Cash. With a simple donation of $25, you’d receive $250 in return.”

Of course, these are all BS.

Use your head and think is it realistic that someone could turn your $25 into $250 or whatever amount they claimed to double by the end of the day?

If it were that easy, I’m guessing surely everyone would be doing it. If it doesn’t make any sense to you, that’s because it’s just pure BS and nonsense.

cash app flip method
cash app flip method

Piggybacking #CashAppFriday and #CashAppWednesday

Square since 2017 has been running a weekly giveaway to Cash App users under the hashtag #CashAppFriday and #CashAppWednesday.

The basis is quite simple: Cash App will basically post about the weekly giveaway every Friday using the hashtag #CashAppFriday or #SuperCashAppFriday on Twitter and Instagram. Users can enter the giveaway by retweeting or replying to the posts or sharing to their story with their $cashtag.

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Square will then randomly select the winners and deposit an unspecified amount of funds into their Cash App winner accounts. More recently, it also launched another giveaway under hashtag #SuperCashAppFriday with a total of prizes from $10,000 to $75,000, depositing anywhere ranging from $100 to $500 into winner Cash App accounts.

It goes without saying, #CashAppFriday has been extremely popular and is one of the top trends on Twitter each week, receiving thousands of tweets during each of the giveaway events.

However, Cash App’s legitimate promotion and giveaways are a breeding ground for fraudsters and scams.

Cash App Flip

Behind these so-called Cash App scam giveaways, there’s a timeless con blueprint at work.

These specific Cash App scams, basically follow the blueprint of cash flipping.

The scammer will ask the victim to put up a certain amount of funds ranging from as little as $5 to as much as $1,000 or even higher. They will claim that they can flip the transaction and have some kind of special “software” or have a direct/indirect connection with the customer service and allow them to change the value in Cash App.

They will say that your dollar amounts can be flipped to higher amounts, from starting at the lower end (e.g. $50), all the way up to larger funds (e.g. $100 even up to $1000) claiming that they have tens and hundreds of satisfied customers with proof.

However, If pressed with even more technical and more realistic further questions, they will usually stop responding.

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They will say that you need to pay them a small cut for their so-called service.” This, of course, is all fake and made up.

After payment is made, they will disappear with your money.

This scam is bred from Cash App’s own legit regular giveaways. The Scammers usually will reply to Cash App’s original tweets promoting their giveaways with their fake giveaways and ask to DM them.

cashapp flip scam

Cash App Flip Scam All goes down in DM

Thousands are falling for this scam and it all goes down in users’ DM. Most of the time, they don’t even have a phishing website that leads them down the funnel.

This only shows how easy it can get scammed and how legitimate they act and present themselves.

So, when a user agrees to the scam, they will be asked to send the initial payment for their services to the scammer. Once the scammer receives the payment, they will block you and never respond back.

However, I speculate in some cases, certain Cash App users may try to be smart and start with a smaller “flip.” The scammer in order to gain the trust of the user will then deliver a product like Poker. So, For instance, they may actually deliver in the first flip and turn $3 into $30 to prove that the “flip” works.

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The user can scam the scammer here and walk out but we all know that’s not how we humans usually think. We tend to not stop if it seems to work.

The $30 is a minimal investment from the scammer in order to earn the trust. From there, the user will be asked to send a higher amount ranging from $30 to $100. It’s rare that the scammer will send you money back the second time.

This sort of trust-gaining flip is rare and in most cases, once they send the amount to the Cash App scammer, they usually never hear from them again.

Cash App scammers are using COVID-19 Pandemic

Cash flipping isn’t anything new to social media and was not born during the coronavirus pandemic. It has been around and pervasive on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for years.

However, with the pandemic, more and more people are in need of money which is another reason for providing fertile ground for exploitation from the scammers.

According to Lauren Alexander Twitter Spokesperson, “This behavior is absolutely against our rules, and Users who see such scams need to go to the “suspicious and spam” category.

Square spokesperson Eitan Bencuya also said in an email:

We are aware of the scam social media accounts and that they have been working with Twitter and Instagram to deactivate all of their pretending accounts.

Note that Cash App has only two official Twitter accounts, @cashapp, and @cashsupport and both of them have blue, verified checkmarks.

Additionally, Cash App will never ask their customers for their PIN or to send them money outside of the app.

If you have been scammed and believe to be a victim of a scam, you need to contact Cash App support through the app or website, or tweet to them immediately.

cash app flips

How to avoid Cash App Flipping?

There is no fool-proof way to avoid the many scams out there and not just Cash App Money flipping as they are called.

However, to avoid falling for these scams, Cash App fans should know that “flipping” is not a real circumstance. While there are legitimate and real giveaways from Cash App itself and celebrities, it is important to note and proceed with caution.

For impersonation scams, they will usually claim to be famous celebrity assistants and executives or even blunter and act as Cash App customer service representatives.

So, the best way to not fall into their traps is to just avoid them no matter how appealing the offer may be to try and lure you in. Know that they are fake and move in. If you have a few seconds to spare, it would help others if you would report them. To do so, Tap the icon located at the top of the Tweet or comment and Select Report Tweet.

Another thing to note is that while Cash App is available outside the United States, the giveaways for #SuperCashAppFriday and #CashAppFriday are limited to only the U.S. participants.

Tips to Avoid Cash Flipping Scams:

  • Tell a real Cash App giveaway from a scam
  • Browse online – Do a web search of their username or phone number and see if there are victims of the scammer that have posted complaints online.
  • Be wary of buzz words – Avoid Certain phrases that raise a red flag such as “guaranteed”, no risk, high return, a small investment that will make you thousands in few minutes.
  • Treat Cash App like actual cash – Once the money is sent from your Cash App account, the chances of getting your money back is extremely low.

Final Thoughts: Cash App Flip Method

What makes this particular form of Cash App flips scam so atrocious and successful is that it capitalizes on a real and legitimate giveaway from Square itself — and they victimize the people hoping to be selected in the giveaway.

This is another one of those cases of “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is” scenarios. It also seems that the success and popularity of legitimate Cash App giveaways, also fuel the money-flipping scammers.

If you have any queries, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Hello i am currently a victim of the flip scam and i just found out about the flip being fake, Ive never ever herd of it so I was not aware of it at all and the worst part is that im in a tight situation where im getting evicted from my apartment and ive been renting here for only 3 months And before this i was homeless and lost my kids and wife because i lost my job due to the pandemic and couldn’t support my family and we had gotten evicted and sent to court as well and had to leave our apartment and at that moment I became homeless desperate in finding another job but was very hard finding one due to quarantine and lucky more grateful that at least my wife and kids had a place to stay except me and was not welcome so no choice but to live in my car and live day by day with just one and my only one last check i had from the previous job…. It was hard for me n super sad and rough since I couldn’t see my kids and ex-wife and sadly I fell into depression because on top of that it all happened in December and Christmas was right around the corner and i couldn’t spend it with the people i love and it broke my heart so i could not eat nor sleep n me without gas id have no choice to pass those days in a car at a park and specially without hearing my 2 boys voice or my wife and well thats when i came across this scammer that now it all makes sense and i had kind of an idea but me struggling with one check only i went for it since it seemed so convincing and I was desperately at the time for receiving his help apart from now and he asked me for only $50 for a flip of…. I cant even remember well seemed serious and after some minutes he sent me a screenshot of my flip but said pending n he said i had to pay a fee of $200 to recieve that amazing amount and all i was thinking was my family and getting them back by finding a place with that money and well I was so happy but scared n so I delayed n told him no i couldn’t and well days passed n was left with little amount in my pocket and not just that but unfortunately after Christmas more understanding I was not expecting this tragedy amd got wounded by a stab attack on my torso by a random guy asking for money and almost lost my life at that moment only if i would of been 3 minutes late arriving at the hospital so got rushed to the ER and was critical fighting for my life for 2 weeks amd recovered slowly and after a week of being released i found a job as a Head chef and lost my car so i walked everyday to work and always the first employee to arrive even before the manager n never missed even if i was sick n told i couldnt work for at least 3 years n just recuperate amd i couldnt so in heavy pain I worked with no care that my wound was fresh amd could be a risk of reopening with still stitches on me and well i saved up a bit amd thats how i got this place bit it was to late… I couldnt have my family back so im on my own…. And as hard as it is i didnt give up but just my job isn’t covering the bills with little pay and so scammer contacted me again n i went for it also due to my recent loss of my job so i only was left with $400 just enough for me to pay my rent n took out $200 n sent thru cash app to scammer and now I cant pay rent n im jobless again and all over again being evicted since rent was due this 2nd of July n s he came up with another excuse of a fee to recieve this time he said the flip was $4,500 n i went for it one last time and sent him the 100 n now im broke again and im in the same situation all over with no sleep or food and all he keeps saying is my payment is being processed and till now i havnt recieved no $4,500 ????? and now i need to leave this place n be homeless again n this time no car…. Please is there a way i can get my money back? He still hasnt blocked me… He keeps messaging me every day 3 to 7 times a day n i was having hope untill i saw this article on this flip scam.. What can i do please i need help

    1. Hi Cruz,

      So sorry for your situation. I feel for you.
      However, unfortunately, there is no option to get back your money back unless the scammer has a change of heart and refunds your money.

      The funds are not held and transferred instantaneously to the recipient. Since Cash App has no buyer protection service and is not responsible for your action, Cash App cannot put hands on the scammer wallet to refund.

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