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Cash App Refund time varies. For instance, Once the refund is processed, you should be able to receive it almost immediately. You can start off the refund process by first requesting the refund from the Cash App.

Cash App refund takes up to 10 Business days for merchant refunds, 5 business days for credit and debit card refunds, and either instantaneous refunds or up to 3 business days for canceled payments from one Cash App account to another

You should note that you are the one responsible for your transactions on Cash App and not the app itself, so keep this in mind while carrying out your payments.

You can find out more about the refund time and process on Cash App below.

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how long does a refund take on cash app

How Long Does it Take for Cash App to Refund?

How long a refund takes to process and go through depends on the nature of the transaction as well as the means of payment.

Let’s take a look at the three main refund periods in further detail below.

1. Merchant Refunds

A merchant refund is essentially the only way in which you can request a refund on Cash App from your merchant or recipient. This need for a refund can arise in case you made a false payment or if there was some error in the transaction that led to this kind of payment.

If and when the merchant agrees on the refund and initiates the process, it can take up to ten business days for this refunded amount to make its way to Cash App. After receiving this amount, Cash App will transfer the amount to your Cash App wallet or balance instantly.

You might have to contact the merchant on your own if there are issues or queries about the refund within the mentioned time period.

2. Credit or Debit Card

In case you made the initial transaction using your credit or debit card instead of your Cash App balance, then it might take up to five business days for your refund to show up on your card after the merchant refunds the amount.

Once again, if you have any queries or issues about the refund within the period of five business days, then you can speak to the merchant on your own.

It is also possible that the amount can show up on your credit or debit card if the refund process does not work directly for your Cash App wallet for some reason.

3. Canceled Transactions

Usually, if you or your merchant or recipient cancel a transaction from one Cash App account to another, then you should immediately be able to receive and see the refunded amount. This is because the entire transaction took place within the app itself.

However, if you cancel a transaction initiated from your debit card, then the refund process might take anywhere between one and three business days.

Make sure you have transparent and honest transactions and communication with your merchant or recipient to make the refund process smoother.

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Where Can I See the Refunded Amount?

Where you can see the refunded amount depends on how you paid for the transaction in the first place.

For instance, if you made the payment using your debit or credit card, then you will be able to see the refunded amount on your respective card.

If you made the payment using your linked bank account, then you will see the refunded amount on this bank account.

If you made the transaction directly using the funds in your Cash App balance or wallet, then you will find the refunded amount in the app itself.

Make sure you wait for the stipulated refund time period to pass before you check for the refund.

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How to Request a Refund on Cash App?

To receive a refund in the first place, you will need to request it from your recipient on Cash App by asking them to carry out the following steps.

  1. Open the Cash App.
  2. Navigate to the Activity window or clock icon on the app. This should be present on the home screen itself at the bottom of the app screen.
  3. Select the payment or transaction that needs to be refunded.
  4. Locate and select the three dots on the screen of the transaction details.
  5. Click on the ‘Refund’ option and press ‘OK’ to go through with the refund process.

Make sure you are careful with your transactions and have reliable recipients who will carry out this process for you. In case of fraud or errors, you can try to contact the customer support of Cash App but they will not be responsible for guaranteeing the refund.

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Can I Cancel Any Kind of Cash App Payment?

It is difficult to cancel a Cash App payment since the transactions take place almost immediately. However, in case the payment is pending, has failed or if your transaction details show the cancel option for some reason, then you can try to cancel the payment through the Activity window.

This will then remove the need for waiting for the refund to process and appear in your balance or card.

What If I CanNot View the Refund?

In case you cannot view the refund in your Cash App balance, confirm that the given time period has passed. You can then check in your linked bank account or linked credit or debit card in case the refund made its way there.

If not, you can contact the customer support team of Cash App to help you out.

What If I Need to Make a Refund Payment?

In case you need to make a refund to someone else, you can do this through your “Activity” tab by clicking on the three dots on the transaction.

Are Cash App Refunds Instant?

Cash App refunds are instant if Cash App has already received the refunded amount, otherwise, they may take a few days.

Bottom Line

We have now taken you through the relevant time periods that you can expect when it comes to the refund process on Cash App.

If you do not receive the refund in this time period, you can contact the customer support team, but this will not guarantee the refund.

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