How to Use Wisely Card on Cash App 2023: Link Wisely

Do you want to use your Wisely card to fund your Cash App transactions? Continue reading to find out if it’s possible to use a Wisely card on Cash App.

So, Can you Use My Wisely Card on Cash App?

Yes, you can transfer money from Wisely Card to Cash App using Wisely Direct card to fund transactions through Cash App or any other peer-to-peer payment app like Venmo and Zelle.

However, since Cash App only supports withdrawing from prepaid cards and not depositing, you’ll only be able to fund transactions you send. As for the ones you receive, they’ll have to go to your bank account or debit card instead.

Can I Use My Wisely Card on Cash App

Does Cash App Support Wisely?

Yes, Cash App supports Wisely and peer-to-peer money transaction applications tend to reject many prepaid cards. However, Wisely is one of the few prepaid cards that Cash App supports.

However, there is a significant problem with prepaid cards on Cash App: they only allow depositing money from your card into your Cash App wallet.

If you want your money to flow both ways between Cash App and your card, you’ll have to choose a debit or credit card.

How to Add Wisely Card to Cash App?

To link your Wisely card to Cash App, or any card for that matter, follow these steps. However, keep in mind that these steps must be executed from the mobile application.

You can’t log in on your PC and link your card.

Here’s how to link Wisely Card to Cash App:

  1. Launch Cash App on your phone
  2. On the home page, navigate to the bottom left of the screen to the house icon and tap it
  3. Scroll down, and tap the “My Cash” option
  4. Tap “Add Card” at the bottom of your screen
  5. You’ll be asked to enter the card number.
  6. Enter your Wisely Card and your card will instantly be linked.

Choosing Wisely Over Cash Card

Cash App figured, instead of having their users link cards to their accounts, why not make their own cards? And that’s what they did in 2013.

To compete with other credit, debit, and prepaid cards, Cash App launched Cash Card, their very own debit card.

However, like everything, Cash Card has their advantages and disadvantages. And many people prefer to use other prepaid cards like Wisely over Cash Card.


Compared to Cash Card, Wisely costs less when you withdraw from an ATM. Aside from the standard ATM fee, Cash Card charges an extra $2 for every transaction at an ATM.

Cash Cards can only withdraw a small amount of money. For example, using Cash Card at an ATM, you can only withdraw up to $250 per transaction, and you can’t withdraw more than $1,250 per month. So Wisely is obviously a better choice when it comes to ATMs.


If you’re a heavy Cash App user, going with the Cash Card over Wisely will have its advantages. For example, if you mainly store your money in your Cash App balance, using the Cash Card will let you access your money without needing a middleman.

The transactions come and go straight from the Cash App wallet.

Why Can’t I Link Wisely to Cash App?

When you’re linking your Wisely card to your Cash App account, you might come across an error. However, don’t get discouraged. Most of the problems you’ll face have relatively easy fixes.

So before you call customer service, make sure you’re not experiencing any of the following issues.

1. Wrong Card Information

This is a common mistake many people make when linking their cards. When entering a lot of information like your card number, name, and date of birth, you’re more prone to making a typo or entering a wrong number.

2. Your Card Is Linked to Another Cash App Account

If you were trying to share a Wisely card with a family member or a friend, it won’t work with Cash App. Unfortunately, the application has a policy where you can’t link the same card to multiple Cash App accounts.

3. Your Card Is Deactivated or Expired

If your bank suspects unusual activity, your prepaid card might get deactivated as a precaution against fraud. In this case, trying to link your Wisely card to Cash App won’t work.

And if your Wisely card is getting rejected, check the expiration date on the back of the card to make sure your card is still valid.

4. You Have an Existing Card Linked to Your Cash App Account

Unlike other money transfer applications, Cash App only supports one card at a time. So if you already have another card linked to your account, Cash App will not link your Wisely card.

5. Outdated Cash App

If Cash App is rejecting your card, it might not be that your card is defective, but your Cash App version is. If you’ve been skipping the last few updates for Cash App, your version might be too outdated to run properly and might reject your Wisely card.

Wisely and Cash App

Wisely cards have gained recent popularity for their security, convenience, and customizability. Besides, being backed by the Fifth Third Bank gave them an edge over their competitors, which definitely contributed to their popularity.

But the problem with these relatively new services is often their recognition. It takes time for products like Wisely to become mainstream enough that you can use them at most checkout windows. Fortunately, though, Wisely has that covered since MasterCard backs it.

So if you frequently use a Wisely card and a P2P transaction app like Cash App, you might be wondering if you can combine the two and make your transactions easier.

And that’s what we’ll answer in this article, so keep reading!

The Bottom Line

If you’re a more casual user of Cash App, then Wisely is a good choice for a prepaid card to link to Cash App. However, if you use Cash App on a daily basis, then it might be better to go for the Cash Card.

And if you receive an error while trying to link your Wisely card, make sure your card information is correct, your card isn’t expired, and your Cash App account doesn’t already have a linked card.

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