MrBeast Cash App Tag Giveaway Code 2023 Real or Fake Name ✅

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Want to know whether a MrBeast Cash App tag exists and whether the MrBeast Cash App promo is legit? Read through the article to find out!

MrBeast Cash App Tag Giveaway: MrBeast CashApp Name $Mrbeast, $Mrbeastofficial can be the usual suspect for the MrBeast Cash App tag/ name. His Cashtag is not known publicly and whether he’s even a Cash App user.

But that is not the case.

Cash App is a popular personal finance platform, so some internet celebrities are bound to use it. For example, you might have seen an ad on YouTube promoting a Cash App giveaway by YouTuber MrBeast, implying that the influencer is on Cash App.

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If he is indeed on the P2P App, what is the MrBeast Cash App tag? At the moment, it’s hard to say whether he even uses Cash App.

However, you should stick around to learn whether the MrBeast Cash App promo is legit and also how to avoid falling for such a scam if it isn’t. Keep reading to find out!

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MrBeast Cash App Tag Giveaway

What Is MrBeast CashApp Name?

MrBeast Cash App Name is not known to the public at the moment. E.g., $JimmyDonaldson, $Mrbeast, $Mrbeastofficial.

Note: They are examples and just a guess but not guaranteed. His Cash App info is not publicly available.

To answer the above question, we’ll need to ask our own questions: Is MrBeast on Cash App? And Is the MrBeast Cash App even Real?

As mentioned earlier, it’s difficult to say. Our search on Cash App didn’t pull up a Cash App tag belonging to the YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson or his alter-ego or someone impersonating him.

And if he’s on Cash App, it’s unlikely he’d be very public about his account. After all, that’d be like painting a target on his back for hackers.

In fact, the only connection we’ve found between MrBeast and Cash App is this tweet from his official Twitter account made back in 2019 (two years before this scam).

So, unfortunately, we couldn’t learn MrBeast’s Cash App name or whether he’s even a Cash App user.

Mr Beast Cash App Code Promo

Mr Beast Cash App Code is not publicly available. Mr Beast’s Current Code is “BeastBank” for the Current app and you will get $1 for free.

One of the more recent MrBeast-inspired scams (from about a year ago) involves a YouTube ad promoting a giveaway through the P2P app. Eagle-eyed fans on Reddit have debunked the promo as being fake, noting that the YouTuber who ran the ad hasn’t posted any other videos to their account. 

Moreover, a user who clicked on the ad was taken to a page where a disclaimer in fine print stated that the site wasn’t affiliated with MrBeast in any way. 

Despite having the hallmarks of a scam account (zero videos and no affiliation with the personality whose giveaway is being promoted), the YouTube account and scam ad are still active (as of August 2022).

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How to Avoid MrBeast Scams?

As mentioned earlier, the MrBeast Cash App scam is still running on YouTube, despite being debunked as a scam.

So if YouTube hasn’t taken it down, what can you do to avoid falling prey to such scams?

1. Verify with MrBeast

The best way to tell whether a MrBeast giveaway is legit is to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

In other words, if MrBeast doesn’t announce on his YouTube channel that he’s doing a giveaway through Cash App, any existing giveaway is most likely a scam.

2. Check the Account Holder’s Profile

One of the biggest red flags of scam accounts on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok is a lack of activity.

So if the account doesn’t have any multimedia content yet claims to be doing a giveaway tied to MrBeast, you can assume the account owner set it up for nefarious purposes.

3. Read the Fineprint

Most people don’t read the terms and conditions before signing up for a promo, let alone the fine print. Yet, reading this material can tell you whether a MrBeast promo is a scam.

For example, you might find typos telling you the promo was unprofessionally slapped together by a scammer. Also, you might learn that the account running the promo isn’t affiliated with MrBeast.

4. Trust Your Gut

As a last line of defense, trust your gut. If a MrBeast promo sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Moreover, if you feel like the promo is too intrusive (e.g., asking for details you wouldn’t even share with family), that’s a huge red flag that scammers are trying to steal your data.

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Who Is MrBeast?

MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) is a famous YouTube star known for pulling different stunts, like eating the world’s largest pizza or setting off $600,000 worth of fireworks.

He’s so popular that as of 29th July 2022, his YouTube subscribers have exceeded 100 million. He even owns a burger joint, which shares the same name as his YouTube monicker.

MrBeast is also a known philanthropist, having made millions of Dollars from his YouTube videos and sponsorship deals. Since he launched his YouTube channel in 2012, he’s held regular giveaways, doling out money to his fans. Among the more outlandish things he has given away are a private island and $1,000,000 in one video!

These giveaways have inspired online scammers to impersonate him, luring unsuspecting fans into financially damaging scams.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to verify whether a MrBeast Cash App tag exists. However, what’s certain is that some people are using MrBeast’s philanthropy as a pretext to scam others. The MrBeast Cash App promo running as an advertisement on YouTube is a case in point. 

To avoid being scammed, ensure that MrBeast announced the Cash App promo on his verified account.

It also helps to check the account running the ad to see whether it’s active and read the fine print where possible.

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