There are lots of claims online, especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about winning the $100 to $800 game better known as a Cash App Game $800!

I did some research and I am here to explain to you how it works, debunk the myth, and tell you the truth about the game.

What is Cash App Game $800?

Cash App Game $800 is a money-sharing game. Here’s how it works: A Group of friends join together and start by giving someone $100, and then tell eight other friends to do the same. This process repeats, growing the money until it reaches $800 to cash out.

It has been making rounds on social media lately.

Cash App Game $800

How Cash App $800 Game Works?

Let me break down the Cash App $800 game for you in simple terms, step by step:

Step 1: Gather Your Friends

  • First things first, gather your friends. You’ll need at least 8 people to play, just like getting the gang together for a game night.

Step 2: Chip In $100

  • Now, each person chips in $100. It’s like everyone bringing their favorite snacks to share at a party. With 8 of you, the pot will have $800.

Step 3: Decide Who Goes First

  • Decide who goes first. You can use a phone app to spin a wheel, just like spinning a bottle in a fun game of truth or dare. The wheel will pick the first person to start the game.

Step 4: Start the Money Relay

  • The game begins with the first person sending $100 to the next person on the list. It’s like passing a ball in a relay race. The next person sends $100 to the person after them, and the money keeps going around.

Step 5: Keep Taking Turns

  • You take turns sending money to the next person on the list, just like taking turns in a game of “pass the parcel.” It’s like a fun money dance where everyone participates.

Step 6: The $800 Winner

  • The game goes on until one lucky person collects $800. Just like in a game of bingo when someone shouts, “Bingo!,” they win. In our game, the person who collects $800 is the winner.

It’s a simple and fun way to make some quick cash with your friends.

My personal advice would be to play only with people you trust and know in real life.

Note: The table numbers are nor real, I just created them to help you better understand.

Payout AmountMember NumberType of GamePayout DateGame Status
$8001PyramidDec 15, 2024Completed
$8002PyramidDec 22, 2024Ongoing
$8003PyramidDec 29, 2024Ongoing
$8004PyramidJan 5, 2025Ongoing
$8005PyramidJan 12, 2025Ongoing
$8006PyramidJan 19, 2025Ongoing
$8007PyramidJan 26, 2025Ongoing
$8008PyramidFeb 2, 2025Ongoing
$8009PyramidFeb 9, 2025Ongoing

Is the Cash App Game $800 Real or Fake?

The Cash App Game $800 is a real thing if you play with people you trust but it can also turn into a scam just as quickly.

Don’t play with people online especially strangers as they are harder to track.

Basically, it works like this:

  • Someone will post on social media or email you, promising to turn your $100 into $800 in just a few days.
  • All you have to do is send them $100 through the Cash App, and they’ll send you $800 back.

Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because it is.

Like I said before the concept works if only the people in it are real with no bad intentions and promise to pay on time.

There are many versions of the Cash App Game $800, and they all work in basically the same way. S

Some of the most common versions include the Blessing Loom scam, the Pet Deposit scam, the Cash Flip scam, and the Cash App Clearance Fee scam.

After I researched them, In all of these games, one thing I find common is that you’re asked to send money to someone in the hopes that they’ll send you even more money back.

So, is the Cash App Game $800 real or fake? The answer is both.

What’s the buzz about the Cash App $800 game?

The Cash App $800 game is creating a buzz, promising quick money through the Cash App.

However, it’s shrouded in mystery, and its legitimacy is questionable.

From what I’ve gathered, Participants send money to one another and recruit more players, hoping to make a profit.

But, it’s risky, and scams are a real concern.

So, is the Cash App $800 game worth it?

In my opinion, it’s not. It’s too risky, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually make any money.


Alternative Games to Play Online for Real Cash

There are various games and activities that have used other payment methods, although they might not be officially endorsed by service providers.

I did some digging online and here are a few of them you can try.

1. Online Raffles:

  • What it is: Pay to have a chance to win prizes.
  • Payment Method: Participants typically pay using digital wallets, credit/debit cards, or other online payment methods.

2. Fantasy Sports Leagues:

  • What it is: Create virtual teams based on real players, with participants paying to join and having a chance to win money based on real player performance.
  • Payment Method: Digital wallets, credit/debit cards, or platforms like LeagueSafe.

3. Skill-Based Games:

  • What it is: Showcase their abilities in activities like chess, poker, or video games, with financial stakes involved.
  • Payment Method: Digital wallets, credit cards, or even cryptocurrency.

4. Charity Sweepstakes:

  • What it is: Charity sweepstakes are fundraising activities where participants make donations to a charitable cause and enter a sweepstakes to win prizes.
  • Payment Method: Credit/debit cards, checks, or digital wallet

5. Fundraising Raffles:

  • What it is: Used by nonprofit organizations and schools to raise money. Participants buy tickets for a chance to win items or cash prizes.
  • Payment Method: Cash, checks, credit/debit cards, or digital payment services.

Why I Think the Cash App Game $800 is Gaining Popularity Among Friends

I get it, the idea of making quick money is always enticing.

And with the Cash App Game $800, it seems like a no-brainer. You only have to invest $100, and you get $800 back.

That’s a pretty sweet deal, right?

  1. Quick Money Temptation: Let’s be real, the idea of fast cash is tempting. With the Cash App Game $800, you invest $100 and potentially get back $800. It sounds like an easy win.
  2. Social Media Hype: It’s everywhere on social media. Your friends are doing it, celebrities are talking about it, and it feels like a party you don’t want to miss.
  3. Desperation for Money: The pandemic hit hard and post-pandemic, many folks are struggling financially. When you see a promise of making $800 in a few days, it’s easy to hope for a solution.
  4. Pyramid Scheme Illusion: The game operates like a pyramid scheme, and those at the bottom can lose their money when the pyramid crumbles. But the allure of quick profits can blind us to the risks.
  5. Money Circle Pyramid Scheme: Pyramid schemes are illegal and for a good reason. They prey on people’s financial vulnerabilities, leaving many worse off than before.
  6. Risk of Loss: Getting involved in the Cash App Game at $800 means risking not just $100 but potentially much more.

What is the basic concept of the Cash App $800 game?

The basic concept of the game is to make quick money by joining a money-sharing circle or “blessing loom.”

Here’s how it works:

  • You gift someone $100 and then reshare the message eight times.
  • The promise is that you will get eight other people to also share $100, netting you $800 in total.
  • Those people will also reshare the message to others and get $800 as well.

Pyramid schemes are unsustainable and can only benefit a few people at the top while leaving everyone else with nothing.

How do I set up and organize a Cash App $800 game with my friends?

Like I said before, it can only be done with trusted friends, because the likelihood of someone scamming you is very high.

  1. Create a Group Chat:
    • Start by creating a group chat with friends who are interested in playing the Cash App $800 game. You can use messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger to set up the chat.
  2. Explain the Game Rules:
    • Inform everyone in the group about the rules of the game and how it works. Make sure everyone understands the game’s structure and what’s expected.
  3. Set the Entry Fee:
    • Decide on the entry fee for the game. It can be any amount that all participants agree on, but it should be reasonable for everyone.
  4. Structure the Game:
    • Determine the game’s structure. Decide how long the game will run, whether it’s a week, a month, or until someone wins $800.
  5. Establish Game Rules:
    • Choose the type of game you’ll play. It can be a card game like poker or blackjack, a board game like chess or checkers, or any other game that everyone in the group enjoys.
  6. Track Progress and Winnings:
    • Keep a record of the game’s progress and winnings. Create a spreadsheet to track players’ scores and winnings.

How Can We Decide the Order of Play, and What Methods Can We Use?

There are several methods that you can use to decide the order of play, depending on the game and the situation.

There are easy ways to do that. Let me explain:

1. Random Selection:

  • Sometimes, we can flip a coin or draw straws. It’s like a fun game of chance! The person who gets heads or the shortest straw gets to start. It’s exciting because it’s all luck!

For example: Imagine you and your friends want to play tag. You flip a coin, and if it lands on the head, your friend Jenny starts chasing everyone.

2. Predetermined Order:

  • This one’s simple too. You decide based on some rules, like age or skill. If you’re playing with your friends and agree on who’s best, they might go first.

For example: You’re having a coloring contest with your friends. The oldest one, Sarah, starts because you all decided that in advance.

3. Previous Round Outcome:

  • In some games, the winner of the last round gets to go first in the next. It adds a bit of strategy because everyone tries to win the previous round.

For example: When playing a game of hide and seek, and your friend Timmy was the best hider in the last game, so he starts as the seeker this time.

How Does the Game Continue, and When Does It Conclude?

In a nutshell, the Cash App Game $800 is a pyramid scheme.

The game keeps going as long as new players join, and it ends when the pyramid falls.

1. Joining the Game:

  • You start by chipping in $100. It’s like putting your coins into a piggy bank.
  • You recruit others, and they also put in $100. The more friends, the more money!

2. Progress in the Pyramid:

  • As you recruit more people, you move up in the pyramid. It’s like climbing higher in a game.
  • With each level, you get a task to bring in more players. The cycle keeps going.

3. Continuation:

  • The game goes on as long as people keep joining. It’s like a never-ending story.
  • Your goal? Climb as high as you can and earn more money.

4. The Catch:

  • There’s no set ending time. The pyramid could collapse at any time. Think of it like a game of Jenga—careful, it might tumble!

Are there any potential risks in playing the Cash App $800 game, and how can they be avoided?

  • Promises of quick and easy money
  • Pressure to recruit new members
  • Lack of transparency about how the scheme works
  • Requests for personal information or money upfront

Other Versions of Cash App Game $800

Here are some other versions of the Cash App game $800:

  • The Blessing Loom Scam: In this version of the scam, people are invited to join a group where everyone gives $100 and expects to get $800 back. However, if not enough people join, the whole thing falls apart. People who invite others might get blamed if the scheme fails.
  • Pet Deposit Scam: You are asked for money upfront for a house or pet rental, but you never get the house or pet. You lose your money, just like that.
  • The Cash Flip Scam: They claim they can turn your $100 into $800. After you send them money, they vanish or ask for more. They might say you need to pay extra to get your $800.
  • The Cash App Clearance Fee Scam: You will receive a message saying that you won money on Cash App and ask for a fee before you can see the money. They might even fake messages or calls from Cash App to trick you.

How to Avoid Scams in Cash App?

As someone who has been using Cash App for a while now, I understand the importance of staying safe and avoiding scams.

Here are some tips that I have learned along the way:

  1. Be wary of anyone who asks you to send them money first.
  2. Don’t give out your personal information.
  3. Double-check payment requests.
  4. Verify transactions in your activity feed.
  5. Use a strong password.
  6. Enable two-factor authentication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some game apps that pay real money?

Some popular ones include Blackout Bingo, Swagbucks, Bubble Cash, Solitaire Cash, Solitaire Cube, and Rewarded Play.

Which slot games can I play to win real money on Cash App?

Unfortunately, Cash App does not currently offer any slot games that pay out real money. However, there are that offer real cash prizes for playing slots, including Slotomania, Big Fish Casino, and Zynga Poker.

Can I withdraw $800 from Cash App games?

Yes, you can withdraw up to $800 from Cash App games. You must have a verified Cash App account and link to a valid bank account in order to withdraw any funds.

Is the Cash Giraffe app legit for making money on Cash App?

Yes, the Cash Giraffe app is a legitimate way to make money. It has a low cash-out limit of just $0.20.

If you want my personal thoughts, I wouldn’t do it. It’s too fragile and the cards can crumble anytime.

It just takes one person to not pay on time for the whole thing to fail and this makes it even harder to control and more, likely and easier to happen if you have never met that person in real life.

Do your prior research and make up your mind.

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