Is Cash App giving you a hard time cashing out? Keep reading this article to learn how to correctly diagnose the problem and solve it with ease.

Why Won’t Cash App Let Me Cash Out?

4 reasons why Cash App Won’t Let me Cash Out: 1. Insufficient/ Overdraft Balance 2. Internet connection 3. Too many transactions processed in one go 4. Bank’s servers may be down among many others. You can either wait for some time and try again using or contacting Cash App support.

And while both have relatively simple fixes, a more advanced problem is if Cash App or bank servers are down.

Cash App Won’t Let Me Cash Out

Reasons Why Cash App Won’t Let You Cash Out

Here are a few reasons why Cash App is not letting you Cash out from the App.

1. Insufficient/ Overdraft Balance

This is not a likely scenario but if you recently overdraft your Cash App account and haven’t paid it back, chances are your account must have a negative balance.

If that is the case, fund your account to remove the negative balance, then try again to Cash out.

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2. Having Little to No Internet Connection

The most intuitive thing we do when we’re having trouble cashing out is to check the internet connection. If your phone isn’t connected to the internet, it has no way of telling the servers what you want to do.

If you have an internet connection, but you’re still unable to cash out, maybe your internet connection is very weak.

Internet lag can cause trouble with the transactions. And while it may show you that you’re successfully connected, your input in the app might not be registering.

3. Your Version of the Application Might Be Outdated

Make sure your application is up to date by downloading the latest version of the app either from Google Playstore or Apple App Store. If you’ve been skipping updates for a while, the version your Cash App is running on might be outdated.

And while it can still show you some features of the application, it might not be allowing your withdrawal request to take place.

4. Your Bank’s Servers Are Down

If you’ve done a quick Google search to check that there are no problems with Cash App’s servers, and you’re still not able to cash out, then the issue might be coming from your bank’s server.

Suppose your bank’s servers are down. You’ll notice that Cash App is working perfectly with no lagging or glitching, but your transaction isn’t happening.

Most times, when that happens to you, there won’t be that much you can do but wait. But don’t worry, the bank usually gets everything up and running in no time.

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How to Fix Cash App Not Letting You Cash Out

Thankfully, most of the problems we mentioned earlier have straightforward fixes.

However, depending on the problem you’re experiencing, the solution could take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a day or two.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve successfully diagnosed your problem. Now, all you have to do is follow these steps to fix it and meet all your Cash App needs.

How to Fix Internet Connection Issues to Cash Out

First of all, take a look at your internet. Is it connected but weak, or is it not connected at all in the first place?

If you have no connection, then you’re in luck. You can have Cash App up and running again in just a couple of seconds by trying to find Wi-Fi or just turning on your cellular data.

If you have an internet connection, but it’s only showing one bar, your connection is weak. Try moving closer to your router for better reception.

If that still doesn’t work, then the problem comes from your internet service provider, so consider calling their customer service to sort the issue out.

If you’re on mobile data and you only have one bar, it means the building or room you’re in likely has poor reception. In that case, stepping out might be a quick fix.

You might be outdoors, but the area you’re in has poor reception, which means you’ll have to drive somewhere else for a better signal.

Your Application Is Outdated

If your app is outdated, go to the application store and download the latest version of Cash App, and that should fix your problem.

The Bank’s Servers Are Down

If your bank’s servers are down, there’s not much to do but wait.

You could try contacting customer service, but in most cases, the bank will already be looking for solutions to fix their servers.

My Transaction Request Is Pending

Another common issue people face when they’re trying to cash out is having their withdrawal requests pending.

Keep in mind that most transactions on Cash App are usually processed relatively quickly. So if your request has been pending for five days or more, something’s probably wrong.

The most common explanation is that the bank’s server isn’t responding to Cash App’s servers and that your request is stuck somewhere between both.

If this problem is happening to you, consider canceling the transaction and submitting it once more. That could save you time since you’ll otherwise be waiting indefinitely for the pending transaction to be confirmed.

Consider Using the Instant Cash-Out Feature

Cash App transactions typically take somewhere between one and three business days. But if you’re in a hurry, or you’re just not the waiting type, Cash App has got you covered.

Cash App offers an instant cash-out feature; it does take 1.5% off of the amount you’re withdrawing, though. But with the convenience that Cash App provides, some people agree that 1.5% is worth it for an immediate withdrawal.

Bottom Line

It could get a little frustrating when you’re trying to take money out of Cash App and then encounter some problem you don’t fully understand that prevents you from cashing out.

There are a lot of different issues that may cause Cash App not to cash out; some are relatively simple problems that’d surprise you with how easy they are to fix.

But in other cases, your problem may be more severe and require a bit of diagnosing to get to the root of the issue and fix it.

We’ll also give you instructions that will help you identify some problems that might be preventing the transactions and, most importantly, how to fix those problems in detail.

There are a couple of known problems that could prevent you from cashing out from Cash App and we’ve offered some solutions in this article.

However, if your problem is on the more advanced side, and you can’t find a solution, feel free to contact the Cash App customer service, and they’ll surely assist you in finding one.

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