To Save Money on Electric Bill in Texas: Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances, Replace incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED lights, Adjust Your Thermostat, Regular HVAC Maintenance, Seal Leaky Ducts, Unplug Unused Devices, Insulate Your Home, Replace Ceiling Fans from AC and Shift to Solar Cells.

Are you a Texan concerned about your fluctuating electricity bills? Energy bills are on the rise, huh? Yeah,

I’ve noticed that too. It’s not just us, though.

Well, given that Texans are the fifth-highest consumers of electricity in the United States, it’s obvious why your power bill is so heavy on your wallet. 

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How to Save Money on Electric Bill in Texas–Easy Tips! 

Here are some simple tips that can help you efficiently save energy and tone down your monthly power bill! 

Tip 1: Use the Right Appliances 

Do you know that appliances like electric ovens, automatic washing machines, dishwashers, and heaters consume the most amount of energy? Not only that, your air conditioner is also responsible for 46% of energy consumption in your house. 

While you can’t stop using these useful appliances, you can choose the right type to balance your electric bill. Energy-efficient electric appliances are something to consider if your bills are consistently rising. 

Expert tip: look for appliances that have an A-label instead of a G-label. The A-label indicates the appliance you are choosing is the most energy-efficient. 

– Laurens Yarpei

Tip 2: Learn Efficient Use of Electric Appliances 

Electric appliances like dishwashers, laundry machines, and air conditioning are here to improve the quality of our lives–not to hike up our bills! However, inefficient use of appliances can significantly add to your power bill, leaving you perplexed at the end of each month. 

So, how can you efficiently use your appliances? Here’s how:

  • Try using cool water for your laundry rather than hot water. 90% of electricity consumed during laundry is used to heat water. So, switching to cool washing will significantly save electricity. 
  • Run your laundry machine only when you have a full load of dirty clothes. Tossing only a few dirty clothes in the laundry every other day will only add to your monthly bill. 
  • Don’t leave your air conditioner on when you leave for work. As much as you like a cool, welcoming home when you back, doing that can cost you hundreds of dollars. 
  • Clean your AC’s filter frequently. It allows your HVAC to function efficiently. 
  • Use unheated air to dry your dishes in the dishwasher. This can save up to 50% of energy. 
  • Plug your dishwasher only when it’s completely full. This will allow you to wash more dishes while using less energy. 
  • Switch to power-saving mode on the dishwasher every once in a while. 

Tip 3: Upgrade Your Light Bulbs 

The world is switching to LEDs and there is a reason for it! Not only LED lights light up your room better than an incandescent bulb, but they also save almost 75% of energy in the process. 

Moreover, LED bulbs can stay lit for over three years! This means they have a longer life than any type of lighting out there. 

If you wish to reduce your electricity bill significantly, upgrading all your fixtures to LEDs is a smart idea to consider. 

Tip 4: Reconsider Your Power Plan 

If you are in Texas, you must know that you don’t have to go to the local electric utility to get your power. There is a deregulated electricity market in Texas, which allows you to choose from multiple retailers and suppliers. 

You can basically scour options, compare packages, and choose the power provider that suits your needs and fits your budget

Sometimes, when your electricity bill is rising, the problem may be with your electricity provider. So, switching to a different power plan may save you a lot of bucks each month. 

You typically have two kinds of power plans in Texas:

  • Fixed-rate power plans 
  • Variable-rate power plans 

Fixed-rate plans are excellent for people who are comfortable locking in their price per unit of energy. This means the price fluctuations due to demand won’t affect your monthly bill. It’s an excellent option to consider if you are tired of paying unreasonable electricity charges every month. 

Tip 5: Switch to Solar Energy

At last, let’s discuss how solar can save you thousands of dollars every year while also contributing positively to the environment. Whether it’s summer or winter, traditional electricity costs more than solar power! 

And that is why, more and more Texans are installing solar panels in their homes. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), almost 18000 solar panels were installed in Texas last year. 

It’s true that solar power is expensive to set up, but this one-time investment can save you a considerable chunk of money every year. You will realize with time that getting solar was the smartest decision you made. 

Tip 6: Fix Leaky Faucets

You might think that tiny drip from your faucet isn’t a big deal.

Well, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says differently.

A faucet dripping just once a second can waste a whopping 3,000 gallons of water in a year.

Here’s a simple steps to fix a leaky faucet to save electricity:

  1. Gather Your Tools
  2. Turn Off the Water Supply
  3. Plug the Sink
  4. Remove the Handle
  5. Access the Cartridge or Washer
  6. Inspect and Replace
  7. Reassemble the Faucet
  8. Turn on the Water
  9. Use Plumbing Tape (Optional)
  10. Regular Maintenance
  11. Seek Professional Help if you can’t do it yourself.

Tip 7: Optimize Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans, they’re like your AC’s sidekick, and they only cost a tiny $0.01 an hour to run. AC? That’s $0.36 an hour, my friend.

Here’s a breakdown of ceiling fan wattage based on size:

  • 30-inch: 42 Watts
  • 36-inch: 55 Watts
  • 42-inch: 65 Watts
  • 48-inch: 75 Watts
  • 52-inch: 84 Watts
  • 60-inch: 92 Watts
  • 72-inch: 100 Watts

To determine the monthly power consumption, multiply the daily consumption by 30 days.

For example, 1 fan using 500 watt hours per day results in 15,000 Watt-hours or 15 kWh per month.

Imagine a Plasma Cutter Table, the bills!

Texas Electricity Fees, Usage & Bills

Fee DescriptionAmount
Average Monthly Electricity Bill in Texas$237
Average Yearly Electricity Bill in Texas$2,844
National Average Yearly Electricity Bill$2,401
Average Electric Rate in Texas13 cents per kWh
Average Electricity Usage in Texas1,756 kWh per month
Total Annual Electricity Usage in Texas21,072 kWh per year
Cost of 12.7 kW Solar Panel System (TX)$35,000 (before incentives)
Estimated First-Year Solar Savings$2,800
Estimated 5-Year Solar Savings$14,800
Estimated 10-Year Solar Savings$31,200
Estimated 20-Year Solar Savings$69,700
Solar Payback Period (TX)10.71 years

Why is My Texas Electricity Bill so High? 

The record consumption in the state has more to do with the population than the weather. But the weather is also a contributing factor! 

  1. Seasonal Variations
  2. Inefficient Appliances
  3. Unsealed Windows and Doors
  4. High Energy Consumption
  5. Electric Heating
  6. Rate Plans
  7. Unmanaged Energy Use
  8. Appliance Usage Patterns
  9. Water Heating
  10. Utility Charges
  11. Weather Conditions
  12. Faulty Appliances

It’s common that the demand goes up in the summertime, leading to more consumption and higher prices. 

But if your power bill is consistently high, the issue might be with your retailer or your consumption habits. Running your dishwasher half full, installing the wrong kind of lighting, and using hot water for your laundry are some common mistakes we make that spike up our electricity bill. 

Dishwashers, air conditioners, automatic washing machines, and other appliances can make your electricity bills skyrocket–especially in summer.

In a state like Texas, where average electricity bills are rising every year, you need to make some lifestyle changes to tone down your electricity consumption.

Buying the right appliances and using them correctly matters a lot. Switching to solar power might also be a good alternative! 

How to Read Texas Electricity Bill?

Image Credits: Central Texas Electric Co-op

Image Credits: Central Texas Electric Co-op

I will take an electric bill (an example) and show you how to read the info from there:

1. Account Information:

  • The bill is issued by “Central Texas Electric Co-op,” and their contact details are provided:
    • Address: P.O. Box 553, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624-0553
    • Website:
    • Phone for Payments: Toll-Free (877) 495-6842, Fredericksburg (830) 997-2126
    • Account Holder: John A. Customer
    • Service Address: 123 Anywhere Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624
    • Account Number: 12345678
    • Service Type: Electric – General Service
    • Service Point: 123 Anywhere St
    • Meter Number: 99999
    • Service Dates: From 10/15/2021 to 11/15/2021
  • This information is crucial for identifying your account and utility provider.

2. Bill Summary:

  • The total amount due is highlighted:
    • Total Due On or Before 12/05/2021: $163.00
    • Total if Paid After 12/05/2021: $173.00
  • This section provides a quick overview of your current charges.

3. Energy Consumption:

  • The bill details your energy consumption:
    • Current Reading: 4992
    • Previous Reading: 3307
    • Total kWh Usage: 1685
    • kWh Used Last Year: 1711
  • It compares your current usage to the previous month.

4. Charges Breakdown:

  • The bill itemizes the charges related to your electricity consumption:
    • Power Cost Pass-Thru
    • Transmission Cost Pass-Thru
    • Distribution Energy Charge
    • Distribution Access Charge
    • Operation Round-Up
    • Account Total

Understanding these charges helps you identify what contributes to your total bill.

My Personal Opinion

My two cents on solar energy: I endorse getting solar for people living in Texas. The average electricity bills are rising every year, and the uncanny demand for more power isn’t going to diminish any time soon. Texas is a growing state with huge power demand.

You need to think on an individual level and choose clean energy if you wish to avoid huge electricity bills in the future!

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