To make $900 dollars fast: Resell stuff, freelancing, Become an Uber Eats Driver, pet sitting, Become a Virtual Assistant, Offer Proofreading Services, sell online courses, Become an Airbnb host, Donating Plasma, Rent Out Your Car, being a home tutor, thrifting, and investing in free stocks. 

A recent UN News story has predicted that remote working is the new future.

So, I am going to focus on how you can earn $900 or more per day (or in hours) while sitting at home.

All these strategies are proven but require some dedication, learning, and time management on your part. 

Smart and Practical Strategies for Earning $900 fast: Unconventional Paths to Quick Financial Gains

How to Make $900 Dollars Fast (Weird, Unusual But Creative Ways)

  1. Professional Cuddling
  2. Rent Your Pet
  3. Mystery Shopping
  4. Sell Unusual Art
  5. Virtual Fortune Telling
  6. Participate in Clinical Trials
  7. Professional Organizing
  8. Sell Your Hair
  9. Be a Movie Extra
  10. Dumpster Diving
  11. Rent Out Your Parking Space
  12. Voiceover Work
  13. Collect and Sell Unique Items
  14. Offer Unique Experiences
  15. Human Billboard

When Will You Reach $900? Estimating the Time Period

MethodEstimated Earnings per HourTime/Work Required to Reach $900
Professional Cuddling$40 – $8011-22 hours
Rent Your Pet$2045 hours
Mystery Shopping$2045 assignments
Sell Unusual ArtVariesApprox. 9 pieces sold
Virtual Fortune Telling$4023 sessions
Clinical TrialsVariesApprox. 2 trials
Professional Organizing$4022.5 hours
Sell Your HairVariesMultiple sales
Be a Movie Extra$1009 days
Dumpster DivingVariesDifficult to estimate
Rent Out Your Parking Space$1009 months
Voiceover Work$5018 hours
Collect and Sell Unique ItemsVariesDepends on the items
Offer Unique Experiences$5018 experiences
Human BillboardVariesDepends on sponsorship agreement

Practical Strategies to Earn $900 Fast 

Looking for ways to earn $900 or more? Below is a list of ideas. Mind you that they’re not get-rich-quick schemes.

I am not going to lie: the reality is that you will have to work and put in some time to earn.

Method 1: Take part in market research 

The statistics that you usually see online are the product of market research, conducted through surveys, study groups, or other data collection platforms. It’s possible for you to earn $900 or more if you actively take part in market research. 

So, who conducts this research and for whom? Before big brands roll out new products, they want data and views from real people. To do that, they hire companies that specialize in market research. These companies in turn scour for people who are fit for their research and pay them for their participation. 

So, what to do if you wish to participate in market research? Survey apps are a good place to start. Here are a few recommendations from me:

  • LifePoints: A good platform where you can earn points for your participation and later redeem them for cash 
  • InboxDollars: It’s an active reward and survey app that pays as much as $20 per survey. You can sign up on this app and easily earn some quick cash. 
  • Survey Junkie: It’s the most popular survey site out there. With this application, you can become part of behavioral research as well as regular surveys and get paid. 

Method 2: Try your luck in freelancing

Do you know that over 1.57 billion people in the world are freelancers? They are earning through online platforms and printing dollars faster than you could imagine. 

One thing that I really admire about freelancing is this job module doesn’t limit your abilities to a 9 to 5 circle. You are free to grow your skills, sell them on your own terms, and earn money at your feasibility. 

Freelancing is one of the quickest ways to earn $900 or more. But how do the freelancing sites work? Well, you are required to make an account, upload your portfolio, and get gigs! 

You can do copywriting, graphic designing, video editing, ghostwriting, and whatnot. If you have a skill, then you can definitely cash it on a freelancing platform. 

Expert tip: know your pricing before going into the freelance business. Not setting the right price on your skills will only make you look incompetent and unconfident on these freelancing platforms. Research the market, ask for advice, or check other similar gigs if you are confused about pricing your packages! 

– Laurens Yarpei (CFA)

Method 3: Get Free Stocks 

No, I was not joking when I wrote the word “free.”

In fact, many big names like VISA and Microsoft give out free stocks to people upon joining their platforms. These stocks often increase in value over time, making you free and quick bucks. 

With free stocks, you can earn as much as $250 instantly upon sign-up. 

So, how can you get these free stocks? There are tons of platforms that offer free stocks to their members. One good example is Robinhood! It’s basically a finance company that deals in trading, stocks, and cryptocurrency. 

You can sign up to the platform and earn free stocks of up to $200 immediately. If you actively buy and sell stocks, it’s possible to earn $900 through the app within a month or two. 

Method 4: Become an online tutor 

Online tutoring is one of the best ways to quickly earn money. If you consider yourself a good teacher, giving online tuition a shot will be worth it. 

But, what possibly could you teach to get maximum students and earn reasonable money? I would suggest you create online courses for English. 

English is the world’s second most spoken language so it makes sense why teaching English online is a good idea. Many foreigners daily sign up for online English courses to get admission or earn a job. You can become helpful to them while also making quick money yourself! 

I have seen others who make $2000 per month and even more with tutoring online. You just need to have the right skill set to teach and market yourself.

Method 5: Start a Blog 

Do you feel writing comes naturally to you? Were you always the one to top essay competitions at school? Does expressing your opinions and thoughts in words feel like a comfort zone? 

Well, if your answer to all my questions is yes, then blogging may be the best business for you! 

Bloggers can earn more than $900 a week. If you know the right techniques and have the ability to grasp readers, you can keep making quick bucks by creating a blog. 

Sites like Medium, Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, and Tumblr are some good options to consider when looking for a blogging host.

How to get $100 fast? 

We can also set the bar low to $100 and replicate the process for the big $900.

There are numerous ways to earn $100 or more in a few hours. And you won’t have to leave your home to do that. These methods will add to your cash flow and increase your chances of getting $900 fast. 

Do you have unused items in your home that can be resold? Try thrifting stores, trading apps, or online marketplaces to sell those items. If you are lucky, you can even end up with more than $100 in your pocket. 

Another smart way to earn $100 fast is by selling unused gift cards. Do you know that almost 47% of American adults have an unused gift card stashed somewhere? If you have such gift cards lying around in your house, it’s time to sell them on websites like Raise to make some quick money. 

Moreover, returning unused purchases or gifts to the designated store is another good way to end up with $100 or more. 

In summary, There are countless ways to earn $900. Some popular routes to earn easy bucks from home include Returning unused items, selling your unused gift cards, Renting out your car or your parking space, and Selling your 2nd hand stuff online to save money.

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