Hey there! Are you a fan of using Cash App for your online transactions? If you’re also in the market for some quality cannabis seeds, you’re in luck!

Check out these top seed banks that accept Cash App and start growing your own weed today.

Seed banks that accept Cash App include Just Cannabis Seeds, Weed Seeds Express, Greenpoint Seeds, Seedsman, ILGM Seed Bank, Sunwest Genetics, Crop King Seeds, Rocket Seeds, Lucious Genetics, and COF Seed Vault.

Seed Banks That Accept Cash App

Best Seed Banks That Accept Cash App

Seed NameCostAccepted Payment MethodsSeed Features
Just Cannabis Seeds$12-100Credit/debit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencyFeminized seeds, auto-flowering, high THC content
Weed Seeds Express$20-200Credit/debit cards, bank transfers, BitcoinWide variety, discreet shipping, and germination guarantee
Greenpoint Seeds$40-250Credit/debit cards, PayPal, bank transferFeminized and regular seeds, high-quality genetics
Seedsman$10-200Credit/debit cards, Bitcoin, bank transferFeminized and auto-flowering seeds, global shipping
ILGM Seed Bank$59-199Credit/debit cards, Bitcoin, bank transferFeminized and auto-flowering seeds, germination guarantee
Sunwest Genetics$50-200Credit/debit cards, bank transfers, BitcoinWide variety, high-quality genetics, and germination guarantee
Crop King Seeds$50-200Credit/debit cards, bank transfers, BitcoinFeminized and auto-flowering seeds, germination guarantee
Rocket Seeds$40-250Credit/debit cards, bank transfers, BitcoinWide variety, germination guarantee, discreet shipping
Lucious Genetics$40-1000Credit/debit cards, bank transfers, BitcoinRare genetics, high THC content, discreet shipping
COF Seed Vault$20-500Credit/debit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencyWide variety, feminized seeds, and germination guarantee

Disclaimer: Price Vary depending on many factors.

To save you the hassle, here’s a list of the top 10 seed banks that accept payment via Cash App:

1. Just Cannabis Seeds

If you’re looking for top-shelf marijuana genetics for an affordable price, Just Cannabis Seeds could be just what you need. Its diverse selection includes regular, feminized, and autoflower cannabis seeds for classic and new strains.

Although it’s a smaller seed bank compared to some of the other options on the list, Just Cannabis Seeds is committed to providing customers with excellent value for their money.

2. Weed Seeds Express

Another option for a seed bank that accepts Cash App is Weed Seeds Express. It’s highly reliable with a spotless reputation, offering safe, fast, and private delivery to customers worldwide.

It’s known for the good quality of its seeds and the diversity of its strains. From feminized seeds to regular seeds to auto-flower seeds, you’ll find whatever suits your needs.

It even has a beginner-friendly selection that requires very low maintenance to ensure a successful harvest. 

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3. Greenpoint Seeds

One of the most reliable seed banks across the country, Greenpoint Seeds offers a wide selection of seeds from regular to feminized varieties.

Using its website’s advanced filter, you can easily find the genetics and strains that best suit your operation.

What’s more, the germination rates of its marijuana seeds are constantly over 90%, which ensures you’ll get a high-quality product.

4. Seedsman

With more than 20 years in the business, it’s no surprise that Seedsman is on top of the list when it comes to trustworthy seed banks. 

Operating over 25 individual seed banks and offering more than 350 strains, Seedsman’s massive selection is available for customers worldwide. The seeds are good quality and affordable, accompanied by a high germination rate guarantee.

The website is very easy to navigate and the customer support is quick, making your purchasing experience all the more hassle-free.

5. ILGM Seed Bank

ILGM, short for “I Love Growing Marijuana”, is one of the most well-established seed banks operating in the United States. Whether you place an order online or buy in-store, you can pay via Cash App without any issues.

ILGM Seed Bank offers its customers an extensive range of premium-quality of feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. With every order, you also get free seeds and free shipping if you’re in a U.S. state.

Additionally, this seed bank includes a free growing book, 24/7 customer support, and a 90% germination rate for a guaranteed satisfactory experience.

6. Sunwest Genetics

One of the biggest seed banks in Canada, Sunwest Genetics is known for the impeccable quality of its products. Offering some of the best genetics in the industry, it has more than 500 strains of cannabis seeds available for customers to pick from.

It gets better. This seed bank ships worldwide, which means you can safely and discreetly get what you need no matter where you live at competitive prices.

The customer service is very helpful and prompt, allowing you to purchase by phone if you want.

7. Crop King Seeds

Operating since 2005, Crop King Seeds is among the best Canadian seed banks you can come across nowadays.

It offers a wide range of over 500 strains and flavors to cater to your required effect. Anything from regular to autoflower to feminized seeds is available on its website that’s pretty simple to navigate.

Crop King Seeds provides fast and professional customer support and guarantees a high germination rate to boost your experience.

8. Rocket Seeds

Whether you’re looking for cannabis seeds or marijuana seeds, Rocket Seeds can get the job done. It sells more than 605 strains and works with experienced breeders all over the world.

This seed bank ships worldwide and provides excellent customer service with email, phone, and live chat channels available 24/7.

9. Lucious Genetics

A relatively new member of the online seed bank scene, Lucious Genetics has quickly grown popular thanks to the high quality of its seeds and the smoothness of its operation.

Breeders that work with Lucious Genetics include big names such as Exotic Genetix, Mass Medical Strains, and Lawless Breed Genetics. From clones and regular to autoflower and feminized, you’ll find the answer to all your cannabis seeds needs.

This seed bank also offers fast shipping, freebies with purchases, and excellent customer service.

10. COF Seed Vault

Last but not least, COF Seed Vault offers a diverse selection of seeds from highly renowned breeds including Envy Genetics, Solfire Gardens, and Fat Cat Labs.

This US-based seed bank is always throwing in freebies with purchases and also supports discreet packaging.

Wrap Up

As you can tell by now, you can find several seed banks that accept Cash App.

Top options include Just Cannabis Seeds, Weed Seeds Express, Greenpoint Seeds, Seedsman, ILGM Seed Bank, Sunwest Genetics, Crop King Seeds, Rocket Seeds, Lucious Genetics, and COF Seed Vault.

Once you get to the check-out step on any of these websites, choose the Cash App option and it’ll automatically connect your accounts to process payment.

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