Can I Rent A Car With A Netspend Card? List of Rental Car Companies

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Prepaid debit cards are one of the most hassle-free modes of cashless transactions. Although they are intended for the same purpose, they differ from traditional credit and debit cards. 

For one, these prepaid cards are not linked with any bank account, and you can only spend the cash you have already loaded into the prepaid card. Furthermore, once the loaded amount has been exhausted, these cards become useless until the next recharge.

Now you may be wondering, can I rent a car with a Netspend card?

Yes, some Car Rentals will accept NetSpend Cards depending on various factors. However, many car rental agencies won’t accept Netspend Cards in the initial stages of the transaction but will accept them for final payments on car rentals. Try shopping for a local Car rental outlet first.

While the answer will vary from company to company, most rental agencies will be hesitant to accept your prepaid debit card, and here’s why.

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Can I Rent A Car With A Netspend Card

Which Car Rental Companies Accept Netspend Prepaid Cards?

The following rent-a-car services accept Netspend cards at the end of the rental tenure of the car but with varying rental deposits.

  1. Hertz Rent-a-Car
  2. Enterprise rent a car
  3. Avis car rental
  4. Alamo
  5. Rent a wreck

Even if you want to pay for your rental without a credit card, you will still need to provide the agency with your credit card information.

They will place your card on hold till the return of the car to cover additional fees or damages. On returning the vehicle, you can pay the entire cost as per rental dates with your Netspend prepaid card and get back the credit card presented initially.

These Netspend card restrictions may vary from company to company and the location of car rentals.

Rental Companies and Prepaid Cards

To clarify, Netspend cards are a popular, widely used, and accepted payment method. However, renting a car through a car rental company could be a tricky affair; this has nothing to do with your Netspend card and everything to do with rental company policies towards prepaid debit cards.

Generally, most rental car companies prefer credit cards because it guarantees payment. There is no financial risk involved in such a transaction since they can pull funds from your bank to cover all or part of the deposit if they have to. It is extremely difficult to get a car without a credit card. 

Companies like billing credit cards since it minimizes financial risk. They can recover the total sum of your deposit if necessary; this is not the case when you use a debit card since you may have insufficient funds to complete the transaction.

As such, the company is not guaranteed payment. Still, there are several rental car company options that will accept debit cards.

Now, if you want to find an agency that accepts prepaid cards, it will be twice as hard. After all, these cards aren’t linked to a bank account or require a credit check.

Furthermore, the risk the company would incur is twice as much with a prepaid card since it doesn’t even have a minimum balance requirement.

Put simply; they have no way of knowing if you have enough funds to cover your deposit.  And that is why most car rental companies do not accept prepaid cards, Netspend, or otherwise.

How To Find Car Rental Company That Accepts Netspend Cards?

While it is essential to prepare for the worst and be fully aware of how the rental market works, there is no need to lose hope. You can take steps when searching for a rental agency that will accept your Netspend card.

The first strategy you can try is shopping for a local rental outlet. Smaller car services will often accept prepaid cards with sufficient funds for non-credit card-bearing renters. Of course, these are generally only available to locals living in the area.

Car rental agencies may ask you to bring in documents like recent utility bills to match your name and address with your driver’s license as proof of income.

You may also have to attach employment slips or personal references to make the matter easier.

Can You Rent a Car Online?

Many car rental companies will accept prepaid gift cards in person but won’t extend the same courtesy online. As we explained earlier, it all comes down to security risks.

With a prepaid debit card, you will have to go the extra mile to prove your identity and reliability as a potential customer; this may include showing current utility bills, renter’s driver’s license, a larger security deposit, or ticketed return travel itinerary for non-domestic travelers.

Can You Use Multiple Payment Methods?

Another option you have is to pay using two different methods.

Many car rental agencies won’t accept Netspend Cards in the initial stages of the transaction but will accept them for final payments on car rentals.

Payment options for Renting a Car

That said, there are many other ways you can put down an initial deposit for your rental car.

1. Credit Cards

Credit cards are one the most widely accepted forms of payment. Renters are generally required to have sufficient credit to cover the rental cost. Credit Cards bearing VISA, Master Card, American Express, or JCP (Japan credit bureau) logos are generally preferred.

2. Debit Cards

Debit cards are generally accepted if the renter is in possession of a ticketed return travel itinerary. The name and address written on the renter’s driver’s license should match the home address other than Active-duty military personnel who are exempted.

3. Cash

Generally, car rental enterprises do not accept cash payments as a deposit at the beginning for security reasons.

4. Money Orders

Few car rental enterprises accept money orders as the cost of the rental. They are generally managed and considered cash.

5. Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual credit cards are generally not accepted as a mode of payment for renting a car.

What is Needed to Get Your Rental Car?

To rent a car through your Netspend prepaid Visa card, you will be debited with the predicted cost of rental and an additional initial deposit.

The charged amount is later refunded after the vehicle is returned. You might be asked to provide the following documents while booking a car for yourself:

1. Valid Driving License

When you pick up your rental car reservation, you will be required to show a valid driver’s license with your name.

Additional third-party identification might be asked while using a Netspend prepaid card, including ticketed return travel itinerary or a return airline ticket to or from the rental airport locations, your passport if you are of other nationality or a military identification card for active-duty military personnel.

2. Credit Or Debit Card For Booking A Car

Usually, your available budget on credit or debit is placed on hold to cover approximated charges, including any additional fees. The minimum hold amount varies as per companies policy.

3. Driving Record

A clean driving record is checked before issuing a car to the renter.


So, finally, Can you rent a car with a NetSpend card? Yes, you can. Usually, you can use anything from a credit card to cash to rent a car.

However, every rental company has its company regulations and rules regarding the acceptability of payment methods.

These options vary depending on agency and location. While not using a credit card may carry some extra hassles and inconveniences, it is entirely possible.

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