Can I Deposit A Personal Check Into My NetSpend Account? 4 Methods

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Yes. You can Deposit A Personal Check Into your NetSpend Account as it supports mobile check deposits. To deposit a check in the NetSpend, Open Ingo Money App > Sign and take a picture of the front and the back of the check > Submit the image to Ingo Money Service. Approved Checks are credited in minutes to Netspend.

There are several ways to deposit a personal check onto your prepaid card. Continue reading this article for all the alternative methods on how to deposit a personal check into your NetSpend account.

When applying for a NetSpend card, you provide your names and address, and the company mails you a personalized card to activate and load with funds.

These NetSpend prepaid cards help those who don’t have bank accounts and still access financial services.

While this card targets customers without a checking account or a satisfactory credit history, it is also useful for customers in other situations. For example, an employer can deposit a payroll payment into your Netspend account.

Loading any prepaid card with a check can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The entire process of depositing a personal check into your Netspend account is not complex, and you may use several options.

You can load checks to your NetSpend card account at your convenience without the hassle of waiting in line. Once the card account is funded, you have the Liberty to use your money.

This article describes how to deposit a personal check into your NetSpend account.

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Can I Deposit A Personal Check Into My NetSpend Account

Can I deposit a personal check into my Netspend account?

Yes, you can load personal checks to your card account and wait for it to be funded. The easiest method to deposit personal checks onto your NetSpend card is through allowed reload locations. There are thousands of reload locations, including gas stations, grocery stores, Western Union agents, check-cashing stores, and Money gram agents.

Pay the deposit amount with your check, and it will be available on your card as soon as the agent transmits the information to NetSpend.

However, note that the store might charge you a fee in place of loading your NetSpend card with no personal check. The fee may vary between $3 and $4. However, you can ask the cashier to waive a fee if you are a registered customer of any specific store that loads to a NetSpend card. 

One of the best features of NetSpend is mobile check deposit that allows you to use mobile apps to deposit checks. You don’t need to line up at a bank to deposit checks as you can do it from the palm of your hand. The process is also simple and takes a short time to complete. Since NetSpend is an online service, it is convenient for users to load their accounts. 

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How can I deposit a personal check into my Netspend account

You can easily deposit personal checks through your NetSpend mobile application, but it’ll cost you money. Ensure you know your card’s routing and account number for easy deposits.

This information is found on your online account when you open your Netspend account. 

1. Scan and load the check

With NetSpend, you can deposit the personal check by scanning it with your mobile phone. Call your Netspend customer representative and ask if they support a mobile app like Ingo Money.

NetSpend launched the Ingo Money SDK service within the NetSpend mobile applications, allowing customers to receive immediate access to funds from approved checks via their devices.

Since NetSpend supports Ingo Money, here’s how to deposit a personal check to NetSpend

  1. Download the app onto your phone from either the app store or Google Play.
  2. Take a picture of the front and the back of the check you wish to deposit into your NetSpend account.
  3. Sign the back of the check before taking any pictures
  4. Submit any check image to Ingo Money Service using your smartphone.
  5. The bank will process your check using the usual ways and release the funds after processing it.
  6. Checks approved are cashed and credited by a national bank to Netspendcardholders in minutes.

2. Direct deposit check

You can also consider getting rid of checks altogether by Directly depositing checks onto a prepaid card.

This is where you put the check directly onto your card, especially when dealing with recurring payments such as tax refunds, paychecks, or social security benefits.

When you receive your Prepaid card, net spend to send your Direct deposit form disclosing your card’s routing number and account number.

Once you have this information, please give it to your employer or the IRS and complete their Direct deposit form.

They will automatically deposit the funds onto your Prepaid card on the scheduled payment date. 

3. ACH transfer

The ACH transfer is another way to deposit your check into your NetSpend account. This is one way to speed up a check deposit by transferring the funds directly into your prepaid account.

The person or business sending you money provides its bank with your prepaid account’s routing and accounting numbers where you want to deposit the money.

4. Deposit the check inside the branch

You can also deposit your check using your bank account. If a financial institution issues the card and has the branch locations, you can deposit your check inside the branch. Just take the check into the local branch and ensure you’ve signed it.

Banks will ask for identification, such as the card number to deposit the funds. Some banks allow depositing your check onto your prepaid card using a Branch ATM.

All major banks support NetSpend cards meaning you can visit the branches and deposit your check directly into your Netspend card.

This is possible by using your bank account’s card routing number and other banking details. Personal check into the local branch and provide your identification. 

If you’re depositing a personal check with a pre-printed signature, such as a payroll check, 1% of the check value will be the fees.

Depositing any other check will attract about 4% of the check’s value. However, adding money onto your NetSpend card via Paypal doesn’t attract any fee. 

How long does NetSpend take to verify the check?

The bank will release the funds after verifying and processing the check. The processing time varies depending on your card issuer. For example, using Ingo Money is the fastest way to deposit into your Netspend account.

The checks are approved and cashed or credited to your Netspend account in minutes if you pay a certain fee. If you want to process the checks at no charge, it will take up to 10 days if they don’t return the check unpaid. 

NetSpend uses Ingo Money for their mobile check deposit, and Ingo Money sets their fees and time frames.

On the NetSpend Visa Prepaid card via Ingo Money, processing a mobile check deposit can take up to 10 days at no charge. If you want same-day processing, you may need to pay a 1% to 4% fee.

Bank-sponsored cards such as Wells Fargo EasyPay cards also help faster processing time. Regardless of the timing option, once your prepaid card is funded, the money is guaranteed and available to spend.

This method eliminates the risk of lining banks with checks associated with the traditional method of taking deposits to the bank.


There are several ways to deposit a personal check onto your prepaid card. For example, you can deposit your check-in person or scan the check using a mobile application.

You can also get the check right there to put in the cash directly onto your NetSpend card. The best method to deposit a paper check on a prepaid debit card depends on the capabilities of your card issuer.

You can directly deposit your paycheck into your prepaid card. You can directly deposit money to your NetSpend card using your bank account.

Direct deposit works with various checks, such as social security benefits, pensions, tax refunds, work paychecks, and supplemental security income. 

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