What Is Cash App Used For and What Does Cash App Do? Beginners Guide

Cash App is gaining momentum as a quick and easy-to-use online money transfer service. It can be used to send money to friends, family, and peers, thereby reducing your dependency on cash. At the same time, the Cash App card can help you make payments at a number of stores, both online and offline.

What Is Cash App Used For? Things You Need to Know

If you are one for sharing and splitting bills among people, then Cash App can be your major friend and take care of your needs. You can use it to split coffee bills with friends, send quick money transfers to family living miles away from you and even split utility bills with roommates.

In a way, it is a one-stop solution for your daily transactions that is hassle-free. You don’t have to stand in queues, make dreaded trips to banks and speak with executives. You can simply send and receive money sitting in the comfort of your home or on the go.

Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

Here are some of the things you can do with Cash App:

  1. Get a debit card that works like any VISA or MasterCard and lets you make payments on a host of platforms.
  2. Send and receive money.
  3. Make investments.
What Is Cash App Used For

Benefits of Using Cash App

There are several benefits of using Cash App and if you are still in two minds about downloading it, you have to read these to make up your mind.

1. It Is Simple to Use

Simplicity can never be overrated. In fact, we feel it is undervalued. Just imagine the hassle-free experience of receiving and sending money without elaborate steps being involved and complicated forms to fill. Cash App makes reimbursements simple and that is one of its biggest USPs.

2. It Does Not Have Hidden Fees

When compared with traditional banks, one of the biggest benefits of using Cash App is that you don’t have to deal with any hidden fees and costs. There are no charges levied on sending and receiving money and using the debit card.

It does not even charge its customers a monthly fee or inactivity fee that makes it a great choice.

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3. You Can Avail an Optional but Super Useful Free Debit Card

If you want to expand the gamut of things that you can do with Cash App, you have the option of availing the Cash App optional debit card that can be used in several places and magnifies the scope of the app in itself while making things simpler for you.

You also get cash boosts, get discounts and save money while spending money at select outlets and vendors. This makes the shopping experience fun while also helping you save some money. Great for the mind and great for the purse! What is there to complain about?

4. Cash Bonus on Referrals

Since it is a peer-to-peer money transaction service, it is easy to avail of the referral bonus. You simply need to tell your friend to use it and once they download it, you get a Cash App referral bonus. Super cool, isn’t it?

5. You Can Make Investments Using Cash App

This is one of the biggest benefits of using Cash App. You can make investments in assets such as stocks and even crypto (though that incurs a small charge) through the app.

You can use the funds in your account for the investments and there is no minimum limit which makes it easier for small investors to think about investing.

Uses of Cash App: Frequently Asked Questions

Cash App is a versatile option to send and receive money and also comes with a number of benefits that explain its surging popularity. If you still have questions, here are a few carefully curated questions that will give you a better idea of its many benefits and uses. Read on!

Are the Funds in Cash App Insured?

Cash App is not FDIC insured. However, there are several safety features on the app that you can use that make for a safe and good experience such as security codes and access to the app only via touch ID.

Does Cash App Have a Limit?

Like most money apps, Cash App also has certain limits. For unverified accounts, the limit is $250 per week for sending money and $1,000 per month for receiving money. But if you have bigger needs, you have the option to get your account verified. This increases your limit exponentially and you can send up to to $7,500.

What Are Some of the Limitations of the Cash App?

Though Cash App offers some great benefits, it is only fair for users to know the complete picture before signing up for it. Though it does not have many disadvantages, here are some things you need to be aware of:

  • If you want to trade in bitcoin, there are two types of fees that could be levied depending on the nature of trading.
  • If you use a credit card with Cash App, you will have to pay a 3% fee.
  • You will have to bear with a low early limit for the first thirty days of using the app.

What Are the Safety Features of Cash App?

Cash App comes with several safety features that make it a great option for the vigilant consumer.

These include instant account notifications for even the smallest of things so that you don’t miss a, touch ID, security passwords, and a unique user ID that makes sending money easier among other things.

The Final Word

The Cash App is a cool and quick way to send and receive money. This is particularly useful when you have a peer group and have regular expenditure to share.

This makes making calculations and keeping accounts cleaner and quicker. There are tons of other benefits too that make it worth trying!

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