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Shooter Full Movie Punjabi Download at 1080p. As the ruthless Punjabi gangster, Jayy Randhawa brings his charisma and intensity to the role.

Hold on to your seats and get ready for a rib-tickling rollercoaster ride with “Shooter”!

Shooter Full Movie Punjabi Download

This Punjabi action-comedy takes you on a hilarious journey into the chaotic world of a ruthless gangster and his motley crew as they tangle with a rival gang and a corrupt politician.

Filled with side-splitting moments, jaw-dropping action, and a sprinkle of Punjabi masala, “Shooter” will leave you in stitches and craving for more. So, grab your popcorn and brace yourself for the laughter explosion!

Movie Name: Shooter
Directed By: Dilsher Singh
Actor: Dilsher SinghActress Swalina
Genre: action comedy filmRunning Time: 2Hour 20Minute
Movie Budget: 5 CroreBox Office: 
Released Date: 14 Jan 2022Written By: Dilsher Singh
Language: Hindi DubbedLanguage: Punjabi
Quality: 360P | 720P | 1080PRating: 3.5
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Cast: Shooter

  1. Jayy Randhawa: As the ruthless Punjabi gangster, Jayy Randhawa brings his charisma and intensity to the role.
  2. Kanika Mann: Playing a pivotal role, Kanika Mann impresses with her versatility and charm.
  3. Vadda Grewal: Vadda Grewal shines as a loyal member of the gang, showcasing his acting skills and leaving a lasting impression.
  4. Swalina: With her mesmerizing screen presence, Swalina captivates the audience as a fearless and resilient character.
  5. Rabbi Kandola: Rabbi Kandola showcases his acting prowess in Shooter, portraying a complex and intriguing character.
  6. Sonpreet: Sonpreet delivers a standout performance as a dynamic and enigmatic character.
  7. Shubh Sandhu: Shubh Sandhu’s portrayal of a cunning and manipulative gangster is praiseworthy. He brings a perfect blend of charm and menace to his character, creating an intriguing presence on-screen.
  8. Jora: Jora impresses with his acting skills, leaving a lasting impact on Shooter.

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