How to Reset your Cash App Pin & Password 2023 Tutorials ✅

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Forgot your Cash App Pin? Is Your account compromised? How to change your Pin on Cash App?

To reset your Cash App PIN number: 1. Open Cash App 2. Click on the Card icon 3. Tap “Change PIN” 4. Enter your current PIN 5. Enter your New PIN 6. Confirm the new PIN once more 7. A green check mark will show indicating that the PIN change was successful.

Cash App allows you to easily change your PIN using your iPhone or Android.

How to Change Cash App PIN Number: Step-By-Step

How to Change Cash App PIN Number

Here’s a step-by-step guide to resetting and changing your Cash App PIN number:

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1: Open Cash App on your phone.

open cash app

Launch the app on your phone.

Step 2: Click on Cash Card

Tap on the profile icon

Tap on the credit card icon located at the bottom left of the home screen.

Step 3: Select “Change Cash PIN”.

Select “Change Cash PIN”.

Scroll down slightly to find the “Change PIN” option.

Step 4: Enter your Current Cash App PIN

Enter your Current Cash App PIN

Enter their current PIN in the provided field.

Step 5: Input the New PIN

Input the New PIN

Enter the New PIN.

Step 6: Comfirm the Changes

Comfirm the Changes

Confirm the new PIN by entering it once more. You should get a text or email notifying you that your PIN has been changed.

Step 7: Your Cash App Pin is Successfully Changed.

Your Cash App Pin is finally Changed.

A green check mark will appear on the screen, indicating that the PIN change was successful.

In case you ever get one of these messages and you are not the one that changes your PIN, you should contact Square support immediately.

What is a Cash App Pin?

Cash App Pin is the pin number assigned to your Cash Card in the activation process of your Cash Card, which you can change at any time. Cash App “PIN” is a security code that belongs to you and needs to enter for transactions.

Note: Both Cash App and Cash Card Pin are the Same. They are no two different things.

Cash App provides extra layer of protection to your Cash App account and required you to either use Touch ID or PIN before making any transactions or changes to the Cash App account.

Reset Cash App Card PIN: Cash App has given numerous additional advantages and new options to their users to improve customers’ understanding of the Cash App.

It is clear to have additional security to your application to keep the information protected and secure.

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This is necessary for extra protection to your account and also to keep your confidential data safe and secure.

However, everybody forgot their Passwords and Pin once in a while especially if you have to memorize different passwords for different platforms and applications or whatever the reason may be. Unless you save it or wrote down your pin, you cannot do any transaction on the app.

how to change cash app password

So, If you have forgotten your Cash App Pin and want to reset it, don’t worry, because it is quite easy to reset by following the below steps:

What is my Cash App Card PIN Number?

Your Cash App Card PIN Number is a 4-6 digit code that is unique to every account holder’s Cash card. Your Cash App and Cash Card PIN number are the same and are provided to ensure that all the Cash App withdrawals, POS transactions, and online transactions are secured.

The Individual Identification Number is also known as PIN. This code is very important as it keeps the information of your Bank accounts, credit/debit cards secure.

In the present time, all that contains private data or information are safe with some sort of digital security. Cell phones are one of the primary gadgets which come with such solid security and each application like Cash App gives security to their customer’s information.

For some people, it is not easy to remember the Pin or the password.

A similar PIN is for the Cash Card to have a protected place for all the exchanges. It is difficult to use the Cash Card in the event that you don’t memorize the PIN or lose the PIN. That is the reason the security of the Cash App Card is the main concern.

How to Activate the Security Lock on Cash App Account?

Here you can check the steps which will help you to activate the security lock on Cash App and secure your application with Cash App Card PIN:

  • Firstly, launch the Cash App.
  • After that select the “Profile” icon.
  • Then select “Privacy & Security” from there.
  • There you will see the switch option at the top. Turn it on by tapping on it.
  • When it turns in green it means that the security has been enabled on your device.

With this feature, your account will be more secure and safe to make transactions, and every time you make any changes you have to confirm your identity by putting your PIN or Touch ID.

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how to change your pin on cash app

In what Situations You can Reset the Cash App PIN?

There can be many reasons why the user decides to change or reset the PIN. The Cash App never notifies you to change or reset the PIN on Cash App.

So, you need to keep an update on your side to change or reset the PIN.

You can reset in the following scenarios:

  • If you have given access to someone from your Cash App account for a while. Then you can change the PIN so that the other person cannot use it again.
  • If you are unable to remember the PIN you can reset it in that situation.
  • Sometimes there is some kind of error because of which it shows “Incorrect PIN” also even if you have entered the correct one. Once, you log in to the account safely then change the PIN immediately.

It is advisable to change your Pin every 4-6 months. However, there can be various reasons for resetting Cash App PIN.

How to Enable PIN on Cash App?

Chances are you already have a Pin set for your account. But in the case that you haven’t, Cash App makes it very easy to set your PIN using your Phone.

Here are the steps to enable the security PIN on the Cash App account.

  1. Launch Cash App
  2. Select profile icon
  3. Go to “Privacy & Security” settings.
  4. In the “Privacy & Security” page tap on that switch icon in green color
  5. Once it is set to green color your account is activated with the security lock.
  6. You can also put in your Touch ID or PIN.

Once, your security lock is turned on, the next time you make any transaction or change on your account, you will be prompted to enter the PIN or touch id for more safe and secure payments.

How to Change Cash App Pin

What are the Reasons to Change Cash App Card PIN?

You can change the PIN as it keeps your information and bank details safe. There is no chance of your account getting hacked.


I don’t remember my Cash App PIN. How can I reset the PIN?

There are the steps given in the article by which you can change the PIN of your Cash App account. If you face any issues with this then you can reach out to support.

What is the Cash app reset PIN number?

The PIN can be changed by using the Cash App account. The Cash App PIN and the Cash App PIN number are the same things. There is no difference between the two.

How do I change the PIN for my Cash App Card?

You can check out the steps to reset or change the PIN from the article. Once you successfully change the PIN you will receive a notification for the same.


Cash App has the option to enter your pin or scan your fingerprint before you make any transaction to keep it extra protected in terms of the privacy and security of your account.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to reset your Cash App Pin to keep your data secure and safe in case you forgot.

If you cannot change your pin or don’t have access to Cash App, you should immediately connect with the Square Cash App customer support team and let them know the issue to help you to resolve your issues ASAP.

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