How to Make $100 a Day With Cash App 5 Methods 2023 ✅

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Wondering whether it’s possible to make $100 a day with Cash App? This article reveals the truth. Continue reading through to find out!

Most Cash App users would agree that the mobile payment service is super convenient for sending, receiving, and spending money, but what about making it?

To make $100 a day with Cash App: 1. Activate Cash Boost for offers and discounts on purchases made with your Cash App card. 2. Refer friends to get $5 for each friend who signs up. 3. Cash App occasionally offers surveys that pay out small amounts of money for completion.

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How to Make $100 a Day With Cash App

Beware of $100-a-Day Cash App Scams

You might find tutorials online (for example, on YouTube) that purport to teach you how to make $100 daily using Cash App.

Some of these tutorials may point you to a link through which you can download an app that “pays” you $100 daily once you download and install it. 

Avoid these scams like the plague.

There’s no such thing as software that can create money out of thin air for you. Instead, you risk downloading a malicious program that can steal your Cash App login credentials, giving the scammers the keys to your account! 

Far from being a fantastic way to make money with Cash App, the software could leave you worse off than before.

Therefore, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

5 Ways to Make $100 Money with Cash App

Now that we’re aware there aren’t any shortcuts to making $100 a day with Cash App, let’s learn about the options Cash App provides to users who want to make money with the app.

1. Referral Commissions

The most common way to make money with Cash App is by referring new users to the platform. Cash App will pay you a $5 referral bonus if you invite someone who signs up through your referral link and sends $5 or above to another user with their newly-minted account. 

2. Cash App Friday

Cash App has a giveaway program called Cash App Friday, where users stand a chance to win cash prizes, discounts, and Bitcoin. As the name suggests, Cash App runs the event every Friday via its Twitter and Instagram accounts. Prizes can range from a few dollars to $40,000 worth of Bitcoin.

3. Buy Fractional Shares with Cash App

The Cash App Investing feature allows you to buy fractional shares with as little as $1. In addition, you can monitor the stock price through the app and make trading decisions that could prove profitable.

However, note that investing is one of the riskiest ways to make money through Cash App, as you can blow your account and lose the money you invested.

4. Investing in Bitcoin

Like the investing option above, you can buy and sell Bitcoin on Cash App to make money. However, like stock investments, trading Bitcoin isn’t without risk, so don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.

5. Bitcoin Boost

Cash App’s Bitcoin Boost feature allows you to earn Bitcoin when you use the Boost feature while using the app’s official debit card (Cash Card).

The app automatically places Bitcoin in your balance after you select a Bitcoin Boost when you purchase an item with the card.

Two Legitimate Ways to Make $100 a Day With Cash App

The avenues Cash App provides for making money are fine and all, but they won’t translate to $100 a day.

So let’s learn how to reach that goal with the app legitimately.

1. Offer a Service

One of the best ways to reach the point where you make $100 pay-days and beyond with Cash App is by offering a service. Thanks to Cash App’s payments infrastructure, you can ask your clients to pay you through the app.

Thousands of Cash App users receive payments for pet-sitting, consulting, graphic design, content writing, and more.

Obviously, some services are more lucrative than others, with the ones that let you charge an hourly rate being your best bet.

However, with some smart work, you can make or even surpass your $100-a-day Cash App goal.

2. Sell a Product

Alternatively, you can start a small business targeting local customers. For example, try selling products like baked goods or hand-made scented candles around the neighborhood. You can ask your customers to pay in advance through Cash App or collect your earnings on delivery. 

The main factor that makes selling a product an excellent way to make $100 through Cash App is it being unit-based.

For example, if ten customers order a batch of your $10 homemade cookies daily, you can easily make $100 daily.

But note that other factors, like the strength of your marketing and production costs, will determine how soon you reach your goal.


Can I Make $100 Daily With Cash App Without Spending Money?

Sure you can make $100 with Cash App! There are many services you can offer without spending a dime. For example, you can offer graphic design services using free software like Canva and advertising for free on Craigslist.

Will I Be Taxed If I Earn $100 a Day With Cash App?

Yes! If you earn that much money through Cash App, it’ll be subject to tax laws in the American Rescue Plan Act, which obligates Cash App to report user earnings of $600 or more in annual transactions.

Which is Better for Earning $100 Daily on Cash App? Service or Business?

We can’t say, as both methods have their pros and cons. For example, some people prefer to start a business because the profits are easier to measure, while some prefer to offer a service because they can start with zero dollars.

Final Thoughts

Most tutorials that promise shortcuts to make money are scams that grant the scammers access to your Cash App account.

Instead, try to make $100 daily through Cash App using time-tested methods like selling a product or offering a service. 

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