If you’re a Cash App user, you might be wondering if it works in Australia.

I will keep it straight to you:

No, Cash App does not work in Australia, as users must be physically located in the United States to complete transactions on the app. You’ll also need to have a US bank account to set up a Cash App account, and if you plan on getting the Cash App card, you’ll need to verify your account.

Cash App usage has been on the rise due to its simplicity and the convenience it affords its users. But how about using Cash App internationally?

Does Cash App Work in Australia

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Is Cash App Available in Australia?

Unfortunately, Cash App doesn’t work in Australia. For Australians, to send money to someone in Australia: Beem is a great mobile app to pay friends, request money, or split bills as Cash App is only available in the US and UK at the moment.

But there are alternatives, so read on for more info.

Where Is Cash App Available? 

Cash App is available only in the United States and the United Kingdom. Outside the borders of these two countries, you can’t use the app.

If I have any update on any future plans and their expansion, i will let let you know.

Can You Use Cash App for International Payments? 

Since Cash App works only in the US and UK, international payments are available only between these two countries.

For example, when you send a payment from the US to the UK in US dollars, your recipient will receive the money in pound sterling as the app will convert the payment from USD to GPB based on the mid-market exchange rate at the time the payment is created.

Note that sending or requesting payments with friends in the UK comes at no charge whatsoever.

Cash App Alternatives in Australia 

While Cash App doesn’t work in Australia, there are a number of good Cash App alternatives out there, but before we get into them, we first have to know what services Cash App offers exactly.

Now Cash app, among its other functions, allows you to send and receive and money in addition to contactless shopping.

That’s why we will divide the available alternatives in Australia into different categories depending on their function(s).

Apps for Sending and Receiving Money and Contactless Shopping

Under this category, we have two apps: PayPal and Google Pay.

1. Paypal

PayPal is very similar to Cash App but does work in Australia. This app makes sending and receiving money only one click away. Add to that the huge number of online retailers that accept PayPal payments, and you’ve got yourself a nifty app to use.

Note. Even Paypal-owned Venmo doesn’t work in Australia.

2. Google Pay

You can use Google Pay to send and receive money, split costs with your friends, and of course online at your favorite stores. 

All you have to do is add a credit card, debit card, bank account number, or even a PayPal account, and you’re now ready to use the app. 

Apps for Sending and Receiving Money

This type includes one app, and that’s Beem It. Receiving and paying money has never been easier with this app. All you have to do is download the app for free, register an account, and you’re all set.

Keep in mind that Beem It can be used for international payments as well in several countries, so there’s that.

There are, of course, other apps for sending and receiving money internationally to and from Australia, but that’s a topic for another time.

Apps for Contactless Shopping

1. Apple Pay

Apple Pay makes shopping online or contactless in stores a piece of cake. You can save your debit and credit cards info and use the app to pay with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

2. Samsung Pay

This is similar to Apple Pay but is designed for Samsung devices. With Samsung Pay, you can store your credit or debit card information, and the app uses NFC technology to complete your purchases.

Other apps in this category include Coles Mobile Wallet and ANZ Mobile Pay.

Cash Card

It’s worth mentioning that some of the above apps, including Cash App, offer a service of issuing a physical card that can be used to draw money from your account on the said app.

The advantage of this is that even if the store/merchant you’re trying to pay isn’t supported by your app, you can still use your card just like any other Visa or Mastercard debit card.

So let’s take Cash App as an example.

So What Is a Cash Card on Cash App?

A Cash Card is a Cash App debit card that can be used for online and in-store purchases. The free, customizable card is connected to your Cash App balance and is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted.

Additionally, Cash Card allows you to make ATM withdrawals. 

You can order your Cash Card online to receive it within 10 business days.

How Do You Get a Cash Card? 

Ordering a Cash Card on Cash App is as easy as it gets. As long as you’re 18 or older, you can follow these four simple steps to order yours. 

  1. On your app’s home screen, find the Cash Card tab.
  2. Tap “Get Cash Card.”
  3. Select “Continue.”
  4. Follow the instructions.

My Thoughts?

To sum it all up, Cash App is not available in Australia as of yet.

Every Cash App that processes transfer requires both the sender and beneficiary to be physically in the US, meaning it’s not possible to use Cash App internationally to send money to a friend or family abroad.

Despite its close proximity to the US, this includes Canada too, meaning it won’t be possible to use Cash App to send money to a friend across the border in Canada and Australia included.

There are however alternatives for it that you can use in almost the exact same way. 

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