Have you come across the $30 referral option on Cash App and wondered how it works? Read on to learn how it works and how you can benefit from it.

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However, while most people use the application to send and receive money, it’s unlikely that the average user knows they can make a few extra bucks off Cash App with minimal effort.

Cash App Invite Friends Get $30

Can You Get $30 With Cash App Invite Friends Referral?

Yes, in theory, you can get $30 from Cash App Invite. Depending on your referral bonus, you might get either $15 or $30 every time someone uses your link. However, to receive the reward, the person who used your link must add at least $5 to their Cash App after linking a bank account or a card.

Cash App entices its users to invite their friends and family to download the app.

In return for your support, Cash App creates a referral link for you that people can use when signing up that adds some money into your wallet.

Cash App Referral Links Explained

To attract more users, Cash App uses its own users as marketing people that help grow their application.

However, instead of hiring people for marketing and paying their salaries, Cash App encourages the users to tell their acquaintances about the app by giving them a cash reward every time someone uses their referral link.

How Do I Get My Cash App Referral Link?

Your account has to be verified before you can get your referral link. Cash App requires verification to prevent hackers from using bots to make hundreds of accounts and claim the rewards. Follow these steps to verify your account:

  1. Tap your profile icon with your photo on the top right of the screen
  2. A drop-down menu should appear; scroll down and tap “Personal”
  3. Access the verification screen to enter personal information such as your date of birth, the last four digits of your SSN, and a photo of your ID

After verifying your account, follow these steps to get your referral link:

  1. On the home page, tap the profile icon with your photo on the top right of the screen
  2. A drop-down menu should appear, then navigate to the green button labeled “Invite Friends” and tap it
  3. Click next, and you’ll find your referral link
  4. Copy the link and share it

Can I Get More Than One Referral Link?

No, every account gets one referral link at a time. However, that link can be sent to multiple people at once. And it doesn’t expire after being used, so there would be no need for various links.

Are There Any Conditions to Receive the Reward?

To prevent the abuse of the reward, Cash App has set a few conditions for the new users to meet before the person with the referral link can get their reward.

After someone signs up with your link, they have to link either a bank account or a debit card to their account. Then they need to deposit at least $5 into their Cash App wallet.

Can My Referral Link Have Different Values?

Yes. Depending on your account, your referral link can be worth either $15 or $30. To check the value of your referral bonus, tap the profile icon on the top right of the screen. Then click on “Invite Friends.”

Your link value should be stated at the bottom of this screen.

Why Is My Referral Transaction Pending?

Unfortunately, things don’t go smoothly every time someone uses their referral link.

A common issue Cash App users face after someone signs up using their link is having their referral reward transaction pending. This could happen for a few reasons.

1. No Linked Bank Account or Card

As we previously discussed, Cash App requires the new users to link a debit card or a bank account to their Cash App account for the referral link to work.

So if someone signed up using your account and you didn’t receive your reward, it’s possible your acquaintance didn’t link a bank account or a debit card.

2. Your Referral Link Has Expired

It would be highly inefficient for Cash App to keep every link they produce active forever. So to solve this problem, referral links stay active for 14 days after they’ve been generated. So instead of sending the same link to people over months, you can easily generate a new one from the settings.

3. Your Account Is Penalized

If you’ve sent your link to someone, but then Cash App suspected your account of fraudulent activity, you won’t receive your reward.

This can be a mix-up since Cash App doesn’t always ban the people they suspect right away. Instead, they may suspend your account until further evidence is uncovered. And you could still access your account in that case.

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How to Use Another Person’s Referral Link?

If you’ve been invited by someone else using their referral link, you have the freedom to either use it or not. However, if you want that person to receive their reward, you’ll have to do a few extra steps after signing up.

Once you’ve created a Cash App account, tap your profile icon, and at the bottom, there should be an empty field for the referral link.

After you’ve linked your bank account and deposited $5, that person should receive their referral reward.


By using the referral link option in your account, you can make some easy money on Cash App. However, make sure you’re using a valid link since every link only lasts for 14 days.

When someone signs up with your link, make sure the person who used your link adds their bank account or card for you to receive the reward.

And if your reward transaction stays pending after your acquaintance adds $5 to their wallet, it might be that your link has expired, or your account may be suspended.

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