Cash App Invalid Card Number 7 Reasons & How to Fix 2023 ✅

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Does Cash App keep saying “invalid card number” each time you attempt to register your debit card in the app?

Cash App invalid card number Reasons: 1. Card is not valid either expired or blocked 2. Entering incorrect or inaccurate card details such as Card Number, CVV, and Name 3. The bank issuing the card has blocked it 4. The card is not supported by Cash App.

While using Cash App, you might face a Cash App “invalid card number” glitch, which is getting in your way of enjoying the amazing services the app offers. Linking your card and bank account makes it easier to fund your Cash App wallet.

How to Fix Cash App Invalid Card Number: Step-By-Step

How to Fix Cash App Invalid Card Number

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Fix Cash App Invalid Card Number

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1: Install a VPN (If Necessary)

Install a VPN

If you are outside the US trying to link the card, try this method:

1. In the Play Store, search for a VPN like “Proton VPN” and download it.
2. Open the VPN app after it’s downloaded.
3. Connect to a United States IP address by selecting the United States in the list of countries and choosing a server to connect with.

Step 2: Verify Card Details

Verify Card Details

1. Make sure you enter the correct card details when linking your card to Cash App.
2. Double-check the information, including the card number and other relevant details.

Step 3: Check Card Compatibility

Check Card Compatibility

1. Ensure that the Cash App supports your specific card.
2. Verify if your card is on the list of supported cards in the Cash App.

Step 6: Update Cash App

Update Cash App

1. Go back to the Play Store or App Store.
2. Search for “Cash App” and check if there are any available updates for the app.
3. Update the Cash App if an update is available.

Step 7: Address Card Issues

Verify Card Details

1. If your card has expired or there are any problems with your bank, contact your bank to resolve these issues.
2. Confirm that your banking matters are in order.

Step 8: Relink Your Card

Relink Your Card

1. After addressing any card or banking issues, remove the card from your Cash App account.
2. Re-add and link your card again, ensuring all the information is correct.

What Does “Invalid Card Number” Mean?

An “invalid card number” pop-up is essentially trying to tell you that your card is probably closed by the issuer.

But if the card isn’t closed, then why is Cash App saying your card number is invalid?

Why Is Cash App Saying “Invalid Card Number”?

There may be various reasons you’re unable to link your debit card to your Cash App and hence receive “invalid card number” messages. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. The Card Is Expired

If you’re having trouble linking your debit card to Cash App, then you should check if your card has expired or not.

You may have noticed a date on the front of your debit card. That date is the expiration date of your card.

Usually, cards are valid for three to four years after the date of issue.

2. You May Be Entering the Wrong Card Details

This is a common cause of most Cash App debit card declines.

You need to enter the card details more carefully and make sure that you don’t make any errors.

Here are a few details on your card that you could be entering wrong into Cash App.

The Card Number

The card number is made up of 16 digits. Considering the number of characters, it can be very easy to swap digits while entering them.

After entering the numbers, go over them before hitting the submit button.

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CVV Number

Aside from the card number, you can also enter the wrong CVV number. CVV (Credit Verification Value) is a security feature common with banking transactions.

The CVV number is a set of 3 to 4 digits normally found on the back of your card. It’s sometimes called the card verification code or a security code.

Expiry Date

Your card’s expiration date is imprinted on the front of it, written in the month/year format. 

Entering the date in the right format is as important as entering the right digits.

Card Holder Name

The last detail is the card holder’s name which is boldly imprinted on the front of the card. 

You shouldn’t include names that aren’t on the card, and the names must be entered in the right order, as well.

3. Your Card Isn’t Activated

If you order a new card and attempt to add the non-activated card to Cash App, the app can decline your card.

You can contact your bank to guide you through the activation process or when you run into any glitches while doing so.

4. Cash App Doesn’t Support Your Card

Cash App doesn’t support every debit and credit card type. The only cards it works with are:

  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Visa 
  • Discover

Cash App doesn’t accept PayPal, business debit, or ATM cards. Therefore, you’ll be sent an “invalid card number” notification if you try to link cards from these providers.

5. You Have Linked the Wrong Bank Account

Linking the wrong bank account may be another reason Cash App is stopping you from going through with your card linking process. 

Make sure you have linked the bank account connected to your debit card before you attempt to register the card in the app.

6. Your Card Isn’t Authorized for Internet Transactions 

Cash App can also decline your card if it hasn’t been authorized for a particular type of internet transaction.

For example, some cards are only allowed to be used for specific transactions like healthcare. If that may be the problem, then contacting your bank about it is the best option.

7. Your Application Is Outdated

Cash App might give you the “invalid card number” message if the app’s version is outdated. So make sure to update Cash App on your device. 

After you update your Cash App version, clear the app’s cache and data using the following steps:

  • Go to “Setting”s on your device
  • Find the “Applications” option
  • Select “Cash App”
  • Tap on the “Clear Cache” button

If you’ve tried everything and the issue persists, the next thing to do is to contact your bank. It might have a solution to your problem.

However, if the bank tells you that everything is clear from its side, then your only option is to contact Cash App Support.

Cash App Invalid Card Number

How to Contact Cash App Support

You can contact Cash App through the application by visiting the “Support” section. The following steps will help you:

  • On the app home screen, tap on the profile icon
  • Tap on “Support”
  • Tap on “Something Else”
  • Find your issue 
  • Click on “Contact Support”

You can also reach Cash App by calling 1(800) 969-1940.

Last Words

There are many features and services available to explore on Cash App. However, you may also face issues like linking your card, among many others.

In all, we learned what it means when we get an “invalid card number” message from Cash App. 

We have also explained the actions and inactions that can cause Cash App to decline our cards and how we can fix them.

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