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Fraud Bible is a new sensation on Reddit, Youtube, and Instagram with the wide release of a new book called “The Fraud Bible”. It was originally published early this year and has become a viral buzz sensation.

Cash App Fraud Bible is an ultimate guide for fraudsters in order to get started in the online carding and frauding business related to Cash App. It claims to be a book dedicated to all online crime activity – how to make or steal money online, print money, etc.

Looking for Cash App Fraud Bible Mega Link 2020 PDF?

Fraud is ever-changing with new methods and processes – a new online book named; “The Fraud Bible”, allows it to be purchased and it claims to show all the secrets of many frauds and carding methods.

What is a Fraud Bible?

Fraud Bible is a book that is dedicated as a guide for all criminal activity. It will guide and show how to make drugs steal, how to card online, print money, and many more. It is a book on a fraudulent scheme involving money and some sort of business transaction.

It’s a scam that basically relies on gaining your trust and relying on your greed to scam you back.

Rapper and self-professed scam artist, Teejayx6, who unleashed his “how-to” online book with over 14,000 instructional files, “The Fraud Bible” sounds like a meme but it’s real.

The Scam rapper is a subgenre of rap and is centered on the action of scamming people, their businesses, credit card companies, etc. Many of the songs by artists like Teejayx6 are largely credited with popularizing scam rap and can often sound like step-by-step tutorials for various of their schemes.

what is fraud bible
what is fraud bible

What is Cash App Fraud Bible 2020 PDF?

Cash App Fraud Bible is a Scam method and is making the rounds on the internet which breaks down how the CashApp Scam works.

It guides on a couple of things that people miss out on when carding and the Cash App carding method guides you to exposing everything to you.

The Various requirements for Cash App Carding and many rush in without knowing the requirements and end up spamming the various carding methods.

Cash App Fraud Bible Methods

Cash App Fraud Bible is a book that is dedicated as a guide for all Cash App Carding and criminal activity.

The Fraud Bible allegedly promises to hackers, scammers, and even novice fraudsters to quickly make a quick buck from everything from carding to creating fake screenshot, ids, and many more.

Apparently, they claim Fraud Bible is the only book a fraudster needs to get started on the lucrative and crime-ridden career.

Is the Cash App Fraud Bible Free?

It depends and from where you look, the Fraud Bible will either cost you several hundred dollars or even get it for “Free” if you know where to look for it.

In any case, it is one of the hottest and buzzing carding and scam books on the internet.

fraud bible 2020 methods pdf

The book is available in hard paper and also in digital content – PDF and Mega Link to access the content.

It is not easily accessible and users need to go to shady forums and contact unknown emails to get access.

Although, there are many sites that offer on the web that offer Mega Link (we can’t confirm, if this is the original version or if someone put all the fake together)

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Full Tutorial About Cash App Fraud Bible Carding & Hacking!!!

  1. Gift Carding – – (How to card to gift card and resell them )
  2. Amazon Carding – (How to card Amazon)
  3. eBay Carding – ( How to card eBay)
  4. Easy Cardable Sites – (Sites that are easy to use fraudulent cards on)
  5. Cash Out Bank Account Codes – (Actual bank codes for cash outs)
  6. Hack Websites – (Using Android specifically to target sites)
  7. CC Verified – (How to verify cards as legitimate)
  8. ID Scans & ID Templates – ( Photo ID scan and Software)
  9. Anti detect 7
  10. Bitcoin MegaPack – (All about Bitcoin)
  11. Fraud Mega Pack
  12. PayPal Hacking & Carding
  13. Paypal to BTC
  14. Full Tutorial About Hacking – (Hacker Pro Pack )
  15. All eBooks Tutorial About Carding & Hacking
  16. A lot of Video Tutorial About Carding & Hacking

Teejayx6 Fraud Bible Contains

  • CC Verify
  • Credit Cards
  • Currency
  • eBooks
  • Fonts
  • ID Templates
  • ID Guides – Bar Book
  • ID Scans
  • Misc
  • Forms
  • Software
  • Tutorials
  • VMWare
  • Web Links

How Big is the File Size for Cash App Fraud Bible?

Including the Cash App and the whole book, it has 35 Gigabytes of Material in One Download and includes over 14,000 separate instructional PDFs, credit card files, and who knows tons of sites and probably a couple of viruses and malware embedded in those files (just an assumption)

Cash App Fraud Bible
Fraud Bible 2020

How Detailed Does the Cash App Bible Books Get?

The Titles of the just from the folder reveals how detailed the fraudsters get.

They are very specific to targeting and exposing loopholes and scamming others.

Here are items included with the Fraud Bible:

  • Easy Cardable Sites – Websites that are easy to use fraudulent cards on
  • Carding Amazon – How to do card on Amazon
  • Cash Out Bank Account Codes – The Actual bank codes to use cashouts
  • eBay Carding – How to do carding on eBay
  • Hack Websites Using Android – How to use Android specifically to target sites
  • CC Verifier – How to act legitimate and verify cards

Final Thoughts:

Scams are on the rise and social media sites are the breeding ground for it and target vulnerable users.

Especially more so on Cash App as it has no buyer protection and once the money is sent, it is quite impossible to get the money back. Cash App is a popular choice among consumers and scammers too, as its interface is easy to use and also its customer service is not up to par.

If you do a chargeback, chances are your account will get banned.

These days fraudsters can rapidly attack the same hole and cause others to lose millions of dollars.

As a reminder, Reallyneedcash can’t help you with any issues you are currently having with Cash App and if you are scammed, the best way is to contact Cash App support regarding the issue and avoid unknown strangers online that will claim to magically double or triple your money or known as Cash App Flip Sam.

Thanks for reading!


We Don’t Promote illegal or fraudulent activities in any way shape or form. This article is to be used just for informational and educational purposes alone.

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