Facebook Pay to Cash App: How to Link Cash App Card to Facebook?

Learn how to send money from Facebook to cash app and vice-versa using the Messenger App.

Facebook features have evolved over the years from a Social Media platform to interact with your friends and family to allow users to send and receive money once they have linked their debit card or PayPal account on file via the Facebook Messenger app.

Yes, you can link Cash App Card to Facebook Pay. To Link Cash App to Facebook –

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app
  • Click on the Profile icon
  • Select the Payments options
  • Click on the “Add New Debit Card” button
  • Enter your Cash App Card information to successfully link your Cash App Card to Facebook.

Today Sending and receiving money can be done all with a few taps thanks to money-sharing applications such as Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, etc

Facebook Messenger offers much more than talk and chat —including sending and receiving payments to and requesting funds from your family and friends. So, If you use Facebook a lot, it can be a convenient option to send and receive funds.

Can you Link Cash App to Facebook?

Yes, you can link Cash App to Facebook and make purchases on the Facebook marketplace.

Visit their Marketplace tab on FB App, do a simple search of products or services. Once you found an item you are interested in, you can buy them using your Cash App Card similar to buying items on Amazon.

How to Link Cash app to Facebook?

Here are the steps to link Cash App to Facebook:

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger App
  2. Click on the Profile Icon
  3. Scroll Down and Select Payments
  4. Tap “Add a New Debit card:
  5. Enter your Cash App Card details
  6. Select Add to complete the process.

How to Send Money from Cash App Card to Facebook?

  • Open a chat with the person to send payments
  • Select the little “more” icon from the toolbar
  • Tap Payments and click Next to bypass the info screen.
  • From the Pay screen; enter an amount to pay the person and there is an option to add a note for the payment.
  • Select Pay and you money is transferred.

How to Request Money on Facebook?

  • Open Messenger App
  • Open a chat with the person to request money
  • Tap Request located at the top of the screen
  • Enter the amount to request and reason
  • Tap the Request button to complete the request process.

Requirements to Use Cash App for Facebook

Payments from Facebook using Cash Card are free whether you send or receive them and can easily split the cost of something with a number of people.

Before using Facebook for Cash App payments, below are a few things you need to be aware of with the basic requirements:

  • You need a U.S. bank-issued Visa or MasterCard debit card to fund your payments.
  • You need to be 18 or older
  • You can send money to your trusted friends, relatives and family.
  • You and the recipient must both live in the U.S.

How Sending Money with Facebook Works?

Sending money with Facebook Pay is quite simple. It takes a few seconds for the payment to be completed after you add your Cash App Card and store your Cash card information, which is prompted to add your card for the first use of their payment feature.

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Open a Facebook Messenger conversation < pull up the conversation < tap the dollar sign at the bottom of your screen < It will prompt you to enter the amount of money < click the Next button < a screen pops up asking you to enter your Cash App card details (your card number, expiration date, validation code, and billing zip code) < click the Pay button.

UPDATE: As of April 2020, Facebook pay accepts only debit cards of MasterCard and Visa, however, credit cards are not accepted anymore.

Once the payment is completed, the money will be transferred to your friend right away.

How to Receive Money on Facebook?

Receiving money with Facebook is even easier compared to sending the payment. Once your friend sends you money, you will get a notification and the money is transferred instantly to your account if your Cash App card is already stored in the app.

If you haven’t added your Cash Card when your friend sends you money with Facebook, you will receive upon payment from your friend includes an Add Card button. Tap it, and enter your Cash App card information to complete the transaction.

Even if the money is transferred instantly, depending on your bank, it can take a day or two and some even longer to credit in your account.

Cash App Card not Working with Facebook Pay?

If for some reason your Cash Card isn’t compatible and Facebook prompts that it is not a supported card and to contact your bank, we recommend you bypass by using a Cashapp card in Paypal instead.

Facebook allows Paypal along with debit cards to be used as a payment method, so link your Cashapp card in Paypal and Use your Paypal account on Facebook pay to receive or send payments from Facebook.

Are Facebook Messenger Payments Using Cash Card Safe?

Facebook claims that they encrypt your personal data and credit card and also store your financial information separately from your account data.

  • Account Security – To protect yourself, make sure to create a PIN code or Touch ID for your Messenger payments.
  • Privacy – Privacy is an important concern more so if it includes Payment and Banking. When payment is made in Messenger, your name, profile photo, and payment amount are shared with your friend and stored in Facebook’s servers. In terms of group payments, all the members in the group can see the payment amounts.
  • Data Security – Facebook claims Payments through Messenger are safe as any other payment app. All your payment details are encrypted, including your card number and it stores the data “separate from other parts of the Facebook network.”


So, It’s true: You can use Facebook Messenger to send and receive money, Cash App-style once you linked your Cash Card to your account.

Messenger can be used to chat about bar tabs, split dinner bills, or share the cost of an Uber ride, all can be completed without switching to another app.

The service is available only in the U.S. for now, and Facebook states that it just wants to get friend-to-friend payments right in the States and they will consider where to take it after that once we get everything nailed down.

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