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Was your payment on Cash App declined due to unusual activity? You can reverse that with the solutions we provide here!

Cash App Card Declined Due to Unusual Activity error can occur due to: 1. Fraudulent Payment 2. Cash App Fraud-Detection Blacklist 3. Unverified Users 4. Wifi/ Connection Issues 5. Using VPN connection, and 6. Re-entering the Wrong Pin multiple times.

Have you started noticing more and more of your payments on Cash App getting declined due to unusual activity recently?

Not being able to send money to people can be annoying and downright scary as you start to think that someone has hacked into your account and prevented you from using your own money!

Don’t worry, though – we’re about to explain to you in detail what “unusual activity” means and how to solve it!

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Fix Cash App Card Declined Due to Unusual Activity

Reasons Why Your Payment on Cash App Was Declined

Cash App payments are declined for security purposes – it’s mostly either that or an issue on the bank’s end. Security reasons usually happen due to unverified identities, fraud attempts, or wrong PIN inputs. Alternatively, banks might be having issues with their servers.

Let’s discuss these reasons in detail and tell you how to prevent this from happening.

Security Reasons

Cash App security is pretty strict and immediate regarding its users’ safety. Here’s how this can affect your payments.

1. Bad Internet Connection

We’ve all been there. A bad, inactive, or unsecured internet connection can put everything to a halt and confuse Cash App servers, which will force it to decline your payment.

In fact, this is the most common reason for payments on Cash App to be declined, so the first thing you want to do is check your internet connection first.

2. Fraudulent or Scamming Payment

Another very valid reason is that you might be taking part in fraudulent or scamming activity. Whether intentionally or not, you should avoid scams at all costs because Cash App detects them and shuts any payments relevant to the said activity right away.

By now, you might be wondering how Cash App can detect fraudulent activity so easily? The answer is their fraud-detection blacklist.

This list includes all the sources (including websites, stores, and more) on a fraud-detection system. How do they compile this information? Easy – via their users, which helps them build strong blacklist data.

If you’re associated with any blacklisted parties, your payment is likely to be declined.:

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3. Unverified User

Cash App can choose to decline your activity or, worse, shut down your account if it hasn’t been verified. Your account might also be considered unverified if you provide false information or outdated verification documents, so you should be careful in this regard.

4. Wrong PIN

Thanks to their PIN-protection feature, Cash App payments are highly secure. However, because of that very feature, Cash App gives you a limited number of tries to enter your PIN. If you exceed them, your transaction won’t be accepted.

However, if you’ve been entering your PIN right and you’re still getting this error, you can either change your PIN or make sure to contact customer support.

Bank-Related Reasons

Banks can easily block a transaction due to several reasons. Here are some of them.

1. Servers Are Down

Isn’t that the most common excuse why transactions are declined? It’s true, though. Unfortunately, if a bank’s servers are down, you won’t be able to send any payments. Likewise, if the recipient’s bank has issues of that nature, it’ll be impossible to send them money.

2. Insufficient Funds

While this doesn’t happen very often, it’s a valid reason why a transaction could be declined. While you sometimes think you know your account balance, it’s still worth checking anyway, in case any amounts are on hold or you had dues that you had forgotten.

You can always load your account with a few easy steps.

3. Payment Gateway Error

Banks can also experience unscheduled downtime, which can impair all transactions. So whether it’s on your bank’s end or the recipient’s, Cash App won’t be able to move the payment and, eventually, decline it.

Cover Your Bases

There’s no doubt about it; declined payments can be a headache and will force you to work around this by using other transaction methods, which might not be available to the other party.

To solve this problem, here are some steps that could help:

  • Clear cache and cookies memories from your app’s settings
  • Check your internet connection and try to improve it if it’s poor
  • Update your Cash App
  • Make sure that the date and time on your phone are accurate
  • Contact customer support if everything else fails

With that said, you might want to consider the following few points for future transactions:

VPN Connection

If you live anywhere other than the US or the UK, you’re more likely to stumble upon this issue. In that case, it’s highly recommended to remove your VPN connection and use another financial app supported in your country.

Verify Your Identity

To avoid issues with account and identity verification, it’s best to nip this issue in the bud and verify your account right away before sending or receiving any payments. 

Be Mindful of Your Spam History

Cash App keeps tabs on all their users, and if you’re more often than not involved in scam attempts, your payments will definitely be blocked more frequently.

The solution is simple: stay away from any scamming group, and you’ll be able to transfer money on Cash App as much as you want!

Frequently Use the App

Even when you don’t need to, make sure to send a small amount to a family member.

The Cash App system sometimes declines payments for inactive accounts as a prevention method. Inactivity is usually determined after six months or more, so that’s your window.

In Conclusion 

Now that you know how to handle the Cash App declined due to an unusual activity error, you can work around it and send your transactions without any issues.

Make sure to follow the steps mentioned here to avoid this issue in the future. Also, note that bugs happen all the time. If you can’t tell why your transaction was declined, that might be it. In that case, make sure to contact customer support.

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