Is it possible to send money from Venmo to Cash App? This is a common question, especially for Venmo users. Yes, you can send money from Venmo to the cash app indirectly but there is no direct “Send to Cash App” button transfer button.

No, you cannot directly send money from Venmo to another Cash App. Instead, use a bank account that’s linked to both your Venmo and Cash App accounts. Add your Venmo Mastercard to your Cash app to fund your wallet.

They both are extremely popular with a massive user base, however, unfortunately, there is no function to click and deposit money in others instantly.

How Do I Send Money from Venmo to Cash App: Step-By-Step

How Do I Send Money from Venmo to Cash App

Steps to send money from Venmo to the cash app:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1: Tap on the “☰” from the top of the app

Click the button.

Step 2: Select “Transfer to Bank” or “Transfer Money”

(They both mean the same thing. it can differ depending on your device, in some cases you may even have to first select “Manage Balance” and then “Transfer Money or to Bank”).

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to transfer

Add the amount

Step 4: Choose Instant or Regular Transfer

Instant transfers are transferred within 30 minutes after you approve with a small fee and Regular are transferred in “1-3 Business Days” (no fees).

Step 5: Select your bank account

Tap on the bank account

Step 6: Review the information

Have a look and see if they are correct and once everything is set, confirm the transaction

Step 7: Press on the “Transfer” button to move the funds.

Click the button.

Step 8: Your funds are now transferred to the bank.

You have successfully transferred the funds. Depending on your selection of Instant or 1-3 Business Days, your fund will be credited. Once the money is credited, you can load them to your Cash App account.

how to transfer money from cash app to venmo

How Does Venmo Work?

  • First, download the Venmo app on your phone.
  • Create an account with your personal details
  • Just link the app to your Bank account or a debit card and spend away.

Unlike others, to use Venmo, you only need to link your debit card with the Venmo app and there is no fee involved. To withdraw money from Venmo, you can do so either to your bank account or debit card.

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To avoid the standard limit of six online withdrawals or transfers per month, we recommend you link your checking, not a savings, account if you have one.

Here are the indirect ways to send money from your Venmo to Cash app

  • Setting up a direct deposit for your Cash App account.
  • Using a bank account that is linked both to your Cash App and Venmo account.

How to Send Money from Venmo to Cash App?

Basically for this method, you are treating your Cash App account like an actual bank account.

However, you first need to have a Cash Card associated with your Cash App account to find your account and routing numbers.

Locate Your Cash App Account and Routing Numbers

  • Launch the Cash App and click on the dollar sign to access the “My Cash” tab.
  • On the “My Cash” tab, tap on the the Cash button with the dollar sign right next to it.
  • Go to Direct Deposit and select the Get Account Number option.
  • From the popup, make sure to Enable Account selection.
  • From your account information, tap on the “Copy Account Details” button.
  • Select both your Routing Number and Account Number to be copied to the clipboard to paste the numbers and save them somewhere safe.

Add Your Routing and Account Numbers on Venmo

Once you have got your Account and Routing number, time to move to the next part of the transfer process which is to add the numbers to your Venmo account.

Remember that we are using your Cash App Account and Routing Number as a Bank Account.

Here are the steps to add the Cash App credentials to Venmo:

  • Open the Venmo App,
  • On the top of the app, select the three horizontal lines for Settings.
  • On the “Settings” section, tap on “Payment Methods”.
  • Select “Add a Bank or Card”.
  • Tap on “Bank”.
  • Enter the Cash App numbers in the required fields.

Once it is liked, Venmo will use your Cash App account as if it is a bank to transfer money between them the same way you’d send or withdraw funds from a regular bank account.

You can now deposit money directly from your Venmo to your Cash App account.

Transfer Money from Venmo to Cash App with a Bank Account Linked to Both Apps

The process here is simple. Basically, you use a mutual bank account linked to both your Venmo and Cash App account to move your funds around.

For instance, if you need to transfer money from Cash App to your Venmo, you first move your funds to your bank account and then later reload to your Venmo from your Bank Account.

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It follows the same process for Venmo to Cash App and vice-versa.

If you haven’t added a bank account, follow the steps to add a bank account to your Venmo

  1. Open Venmo App
  2. Go to Settings and Payment Methods.
  3. Add a bank account (if you haven’t)
  4. Verify your bank account.

Note: The process is similar to Transferring of Venmo Balance to a Bank Account

Transfer Money From Your Bank Account to Cash App

  • Open your Cash App
  • Tap on the Balance tab, and click on Add Cash.
  • Enter the amount of money you wanna add and click on the Add button.
  • Use your Touch ID or enter your PIN to confirm the transfer.

Note that for this method to work, you need to have the same bank account that is linked to both Venmo and Cash App to transfer the funds.

What’s the Maximum Amount you can send using Venmo?

After signing up for Venmo, your person-to-person and payments to authorized merchants are limited to $299.99 per week.

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However, Once they have confirmed your identity, your Person-to-Person Payments weekly sending limit is moved up to $4,999.99 and Authorized Merchant Payments to $6,999.99.

Can you Send Money from Venmo to Cash App

How to verify your identity on Venmo?

To verify your identity, Venmo will ask for your legal name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number.

Usually, that will be enough to get your identity confirmed, but If in the case they cannot verify your identity, Venmo may request for more information including your US passport or driver’s license.

  • Open the Venmo app on your Phone.
  • Select the three stacked lines on the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Click on “Settings.”
  • Scroll down to the “Security” section and tap on “Identity Verification.”
  • Tap on the “Next” button on the one-time security check information page.
  • Enter all the required information – legal first and last name, date of birth, the last four digits of your Social Security Number
  • Once entered, click on “Next” and follow any remaining on-screen prompts

After you’ve submitted your information, it can take up to 3 business days to review and get back to you. If you don’t hear anything back after 3 business days, you can contact their support team.


Can you transfer money from Venmo to Cash App?

Yes, you can send money from Venmo to the cash app indirectly but there is no direct “Send to Cash App” button transfer button.

Can you transfer money from Cash app to Venmo?

Yes, the same process can be used to transfer money from a cash app to Venmo.

How much can I send from Venmo to Cash App?

After signing up for Venmo, your person-to-person sending limit is $299.99 and after your identity is confirmed, your weekly rolling limit is $4,999.99 and Authorized Merchant Payments at $6,999.99


All the above methods work to move your money between the two apps. But sometimes, it can be frustrating since it can take even 3-4 business days to move if you prefer not to pay for instant transfer among many others.

Hopefully, Cash App and Venmo work together and allow to transfer of money from Venmo to Cash App and vice-versa with the click of a button (although highly unlikely).

For any queries and issues, you can always let us know in the comments below or talk to us via our Contact Page.

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