Android Games That Pay Instantly to Cash App 2023 List 15+ ✅

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Looking to earn money by playing online games? Read on to know games that actually pay money in Cash App.

Android Games That Pay Instantly to Cash App

Android Games that pay instantly to Cash App: 1. Solitaire Cube 2. Blackout Bingo 3. Mistplay 4. Pool Payday 5. Swagbucks 6. 21 Blitz 7. Dominoes Gold 8. Drop App. They Earn money by playing games, downloading apps, completing surveys, watching videos, reading emails, and more.

Cash App has many benefits; it lets you send and receive money, withdraw money from ATMs, and invest in stocks. But can it win you actual money?

If you’re interested in mobile games, you’ll be glad to know that some of them can give you money through Cash App.

Apps & Android Games that Pay Instantly to Cash App:

Apps That Pay Instantly to Cash AppDescriptionPayment Options Accepted
Solitaire CubePlay classic Solitaire games for money, and get paid instantly when you win.Cash Credit/debit card, PayPal
Inbox DollarsEarn cash by completing surveys, watching videos, reading emails, and more.PayPal, e-gift cards, prepaid Visa
Blackout BingoPlay Bingo games and win real money.Credit/debit card, PayPal
MistplayPlay games and earn rewards.Gift cards, prepaid Visa
Pool PaydayPlay 8-ball and 9-ball pool games for cash.PayPal, Venmo
SwagbucksEarn points by completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and more.PayPal, e-gift cards, prepaid Visa
21 BlitzPlay card games and win real money.Credit/debit card, PayPal
Dominoes GoldPlay classic Dominoes games for cash.PayPal, Venmo
Drop AppEarn rewards by shopping through the app or referring friends. Redeem rewards for cash or gift cards.PayPal, gift cards, prepaid Visa, BTC

Now that we’ve given you a broad idea about the topic, it’s time to know more about the app games that actually pay money in Cash App.

Although it’s hard to believe, many app games can give you money through Cash App, like Solitaire Cube and Blackout Bingo. That said, the process isn’t always that simple. Sometimes, you’ll have to deposit money before being able to win some.

More so, some apps will send the money first through PayPal, and then you’ll transfer it to Cash App.

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App Games That Actually Pay Money in Cash App

Cash App Games That Pay Real Money in 2023

Let’s have a look at the games that can let you earn money via the payment platform. 

1. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube

Solitaire is a classic game that many people love. You can now play it to win money by downloading the Solitaire Cube application on your phone. It’ll challenge your mental abilities, give you adrenaline shots, and best of all, it’ll give you money through Cash App.

Solitaire Cube lets you compete with other players for money, and the player who completes the deck faster wins. You have two ways to get cash through Cash App: having the money sent to you via PayPal, then moving it to your Cash App, or having the cash deposited directly into your account.

2. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars is a real legitimate survey and rewards site that allows you to earn extra bucks.

  • Join Inbox Dollars with a $5 bonus signup incentive
  • All New members must reach the $15 mark to cash out
  • Payment options to Cash out – Cash App (Indirectly) PayPal, eGiftcard.

Earn Inbox Dollars Points via:

  • Reading PaidEmails
  • Taking surveys
  • Shopping online
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Participating in scratch-offs
  • Trying offers
  • Using Inbox Dollars’ search engine

3. Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo

If you’re a fan of Bingo, you’ll love the Blackout Bingo game application. You’ll get to compete with players from different countries based on your skill level. You’ll have to win the most points in a 90-second round to win money.

Every time you win a round, you’ll get money. And before jumping right in and playing for real money, you can practice using virtual currencies.

You can take your money from Blackout Bingo in two different ways. The first one is only applicable if you have a Cash App Visa card. It involves connecting your card to Blackout Bingo and waiting for the money to arrive. The second one is having the funds sent to you via PayPal and then transferring them to your Cash App.

4. Mistplay


Mistplay offers a myriad of games to guarantee you a fun time. While some games are purely there for fun purposes, some can win you actual money. The best part is that the games on Mistplay satisfy every taste, ranging from building virtual farms to Solitaire games.

Every time you make an achievement, you’ll earn points. Later on, you can redeem those points for PayPal or Visa cash. After you gain the money, you can transfer it to your Cash App account.

5. Pool Payday

Pool Payday

Don’t we all love an enjoyable round of Pool? Especially so if it gives us money when we win. The dream has come true, thanks to Pool Payday, which is a gaming application that you can download on your phone.

The better you become, the higher your chances of winning money get. Winning money is only possible if you play against real people in real-time. You can take your money through PayPal and transfer it to your Cash App if you score enough points.

6. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a gaming platform that you can use to play Angry Birds, Scrabble Cubes, Solitaire Rush, Wheel of Fortune, and more. Playing specific games will give you Swagbucks (SBs). Once you collect a large amount of them, you’ll be able to exchange them for money.

You can either take the money via PayPal or your prepared Visa. If your prepared Visa is already on your Cash App, you’ll have no problem taking the money right away. But if it isn’t, you’ll have some transferring to do before you can have your cash on Cash App.

7. 21 Blitz

21 Blitz

21 Blitz is an enjoyable combination of Solitaire and 21. It’s a super fun game for people who already love both classics, and for the best part, you can play it to earn money.

First, you can practice for free until you improve your skills and become more confident. Then, you can start playing for money. 21 Blitz offers many prizes for winning, like cash, cars, etc. If you win money, you can get a physical check and deposit it into your bank account. After that, you can transfer the funds to your Cash App account.

Also, if you connect your Cash App account to 21 Blitz, your winnings will drop directly into it.

8. Dominoes Gold

dominoes gold

If you love playing the ever-classic Dominoes, you’ll love this gaming application. Dominoes Gold offers a creative twist on the classic game that we’ve all grown to love. Lucky for you, the game provides cash modes that let you compete against real players and win cash.

If you’re lucky enough to win, you can take your money via a physical check or PayPal. Then, you can transfer the funds to your Cash App account.

9. Blackout Bingo

blackout bingo

Blackout Bingo is an ios and Android game that allows earning real money or choosing to practice with the free version.

The game matches you only with users of similar skill levels and it is lightning fast with 2 minutes on the clock against one opponent.

Bingo winnings can be redeemed via credit card, Google Pay, PayPal, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.

10. Drop App

drop app

Drop is a money-making app that lets you earn points when you shop at some of your favorite stores.

Drop app is available on both Android and IOS.

Just Link your debit or credit card to the app and almost anyone can join the program.

When you earn enough points, you can trade them in for gift cards.

Here’s how Drop App Work:

  1. Download & Sign Up – Create a free Drop account
  2. Connect your Card – Link Your Credit or debit card
  3. Shop Online Through Drop 
  4. Earn Drop Points – Earn extra points by playing games, surveys and shopping at Drop partners
  5. Redeem – You can redeem your Drop points via Gift Cards.

To Wrap Up

Cash App is a valuable and easy mobile payment service, but what’s the best part? Some gaming applications can pay you money through it if you win enough points.

For instance, you can play Mistplay, Solitaire Cube, 21 Blitz, and Swagbucks for cash.

After you win, you can either have the money deposited directly into your Cash App Visa or take it via PayPal first and then transfer it.

Did you find this article helpful? For any queries, Let us know in the comments below and we will try our best to help you out!

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